Imlie 13th September 2022 Written Update: Preeta and Nila befriend Imlie

Imlie 13th Seotember 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling Arpita that he is getting married to Malini. Arpita opposes his decision, has he lost it? How can he choose a person like Malini wants to ruin his life? He says he knows Chini needs a normal family and a father so he is doing it for her. Narmada asks then what about Imlie?

Aryan replies Imlie has started her new life with someone else and now she is not a part of their lives. They should forget her. Nila and Preeta also get shocked hearing his decision. Aryan says he has finalised the wedding date as well so nothing is going to change. Narmada says Imlie can never leave him. Aryan says they should accept the truth and it’s over. He leaves and Narmada says where is Imlie?

Malini tries a necklace in front of the mirror and asks Chini to select one for her. Chini chooses one and Malini says she will make another set for the latter. Chini asks her if she is happy with this wedding. Malini says ofcourse she is happy and she will give Chini whatever she wants as she is the reason why they are getting married. Chini says she wants Imlie.

Malini says that will never happen. Chini taunts her saying though Malini is becoming bride but Imlie is the heroine and her hero ji will choose Imlie only. Preeta cries and Nila apologises to her for forcing her dreams on the latter. Nila says she never saw any dream for herself except doing skin care and maintaining the figure. Aryan didn’t choose her for that reason. She lost to Imlie long back as the latter created a name for herself in the city and won many awards but she did nothing. Preeta wonders how can a guy like Aryan choose a person like Malini? Nila consoles her and says she will take revenge from Malini and Anu for their betrayal.

Arpita tells Narmada that she will make Aryan unconscious to stop him from marrying Malini. She sent away Jaggu for his good and now Aryan is bringing another trouble in this house. Sundar calms Arpita saying he knows Malini and she knows Aryan. They can’t forcibly change Aryan’s mind else he will become more adamant. Narmada says Sundar is right and they should now wait for Imlie so that she can stop Aryan. Maybe he also wants the same deep down, that Imlie will stop him from taking the wrong decision. Anu tells Malini to choose a bridal dress.

Preeta and Nila visit Malini’s house and question her why she cheated them. Preeta says Malini can’t become a sister to Imlie and she wouldn’t have expected things from her. Malini says she is marrying Aryan just to separate him and Imlie forever. She tells Preeta that the latter couldn’t become the biggest villain in Imlie’s life, so she is marrying Aryan in place of her to destroy Imlie. She was not good to her sister and her daughter then why would she help Preeta?

Imlie reaches Malini’s house and meets Nila and Preeta. She falters and Nila is surprised to see Imlie’s baby bump. Preeta gets excited seeing the new member is coming soon. Preeta says they broke up with Malini as she made fake promises to her. Imlie says why will she believe Preeta and Nila? They hanged her from the chandelier on her own wedding. Nila says she can understand but she also knew from the start that Imlie is the real daughter in law of the house and their plans will not work because of her. But now they genuinely want to welcome Imlie and her child in Rathore Mansion.

Preeta calls Chini and the latter goes to Imlie. Imlie gets teary seeing her and hugs her. Chini says sorry to her for hurting her saying bad words. Imlie smiles and says Chini is using English words a lot. Imlie informs Chini that her sibling is coming soon. Preeta says they will tell Malini’s truth to everyone.. Imlie says they will do something which will make Malini confess her own crime.

Precap- Aryan becomes groom and tells that Imlie chose someone else now and doesn’t belong to him. He gets emotional looking at Imlie. Chini says she gave them bhaang and for that reason they ended up being in the hut. Aryan gets shocked and thinks means this child can be his.

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