Imlie 14th July 2022 Written Update: Aryan warns Malini and Anu for torturing Gudiya

Imlie 14th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Gudiya crying and Malini goes to sleep after putting cotton in her ears. Anu also closes the door. Imlie shows toys to Gudiya and the latter stops crying. Imlie says Malini can’t even give a toy to her baby. She tells Aryan that they can make a video of Malini’s negligence towards her baby and it will prove her impotence in the court.

Aryan says they can do it but Malini is not stupid too. She will also prove Imlie wrong. Malini comes with milk bottle for Gudiya and sees camera in Aryan’s hand. She starts acting that she was not sleeping with her baby today because she is sick but she came hearing Gudiya’s cry. Imlie turns off the camera and asks her to tell the truth. She adds Malini saw them entering Gudiya’s room beforehand so she came with the milk bottle.

Malini tells them to leave as she doesn’t need her help to raise Gudiya. Imlie cries and Malini taunts her saying she used to feel the same and shedded tears like Imlie but now it’s Imlie’s turn to cry. Imlie tells Aryan to take action against Malini as Gudiya is not happy there. Aryan says he can’t ignore the facts that Malini came there with the milk bottle and she is Gudiya’s mother and they can’t teach her how to raise a kid.

Imlie if anything happens to Gudiya because of the so called facts then that would be wrong. Aryan says they can’t record a mother’s negligence’s video like that. Its unnecessary and he doesn’t want police involvement as it’s not their own kid. Imlie should forget about it and should not take stress. He leaves and she looks upset.

At office Aryan asks the employees about their assignments and Imlie looks lost. He asks her if she is thinking about Gudiya. She says Gudiya got attached to them within two days that’s the proof she never received this much love from her mother.

How can she just calm down knowing about Gudiya’s situation. Aryan takes her to Chaturvedi house surprisingly and Imlie asks him why he took her here when he only told her not to visit Malini’s house. Aryan says she would come without his permission so that’s not a big deal.

He rings the bell and gives warning to Malini that she can get arrested for torturing her kid and for not taking care of her. Anu tells him that such cheap warnings can’t do anything to them. But she will file false complaint against Imlie saying she is Dev’s illicit daughter and wants to snatch everything from them. Aryan says he will tell the court that Anu went to jail for two times that would be enough to prove her wrong.

Aryan is about to leave but Gudiya starts crying. Imlie can’t control herself from going to her and Malini stops Imlie saying the latter has to apologise to her first for sneaking into her house last night. She will also apologise for snatching Aditya from her two years ago, for betraying her by following her characterless mother’s footsteps.

Imlie says she won’t say sorry to her. But Anu and Malini force her to do so else she cant meet Gudiya. Imlie says Malini so much comfort that one incident changed her and made her so cruel that she can’t love her own daughter. Imlie forcibly says sorry to her despite Aryan’s denial.

Imlie holds Gudiya in her arms and the latter stops crying. Imlie says she will never differentiate between Cheeku and Gudiya. Both are same for her.

Precap- Imlie sees orphanage form on Gudiya’s room. She thinks it means Malini is planning to send Gudiya to orphanage. Malini comes there and questions her.

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