Imlie 14th June 2021 Written Update : Nishant faints while Aditya and Imlie are about to disclose the truth

Imlie 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Malini entering Tripathi house. Everyone gets surprised to see her. Imlie asks her how is she. Malini says she didn’t know they are celebrating. Radha taunts Malini. Aparna says Malini already removed Mangalsutra and Sindoor. Divorce didn’t happen yet. Malini says she is here to apologise only. She can’t leave her mother’s side but she is feeling sorry for what Anu did to them.

Malini says she will make sure Tripathis won’t face problem because of Anu. Aparna and others leave the place. Malini gets upset. Aditya tells her to stay back for some time. Malini wishes Aditya. She says she deserves this kind of treatment. Aditya says no you don’t.

Imlie asks Tripathis why they behaved rudely with Malini. Malini is not like her mother. She always respected Tripathis. Rupy says her mother sent us to jail. Imlie says Malini should not be blamed for Anu’s fault. Aparna says she can’t forgive Malini for cheating on Aditya.

Malini says she didn’t bring gift for Aditya. Later she lets him know that Satyakam’s case hearing date and their divorce date both got finalised. She leaves after telling him bye. Malini gets emotional. Aditya feels sad for her. Imlie notices them both.

Nishant gets lost in deep thoughts. He recalls his moments he spent with Pallavi. He thinks he held Pallavi’s hand now he can never love her again. Everyone asks him what happened. Pankaj mistakenly asks about his cancer medication and he covers up the matter saying its Vitamin tablets.

Aditya feeds cake to Imlie and says he wants a gift from her on his birthday. She won’t deny. He says they should confess the truth right now. Imlie promises him and they both go to talk to their family. Aditya says he wants to talk about something. It’s not about Malini but about him he could have told this much earlier. He is about to reveal but Nishant collapses. Everyone gets shocked.

Doctor says Nishant’s condition is serious. Pankaj tries to cover up the matter but Doctor reveals Nishant’s cancer has reached second stage. Everyone gets stunned to hear that. Pankaj says doctor is right. Harish and Radha blame Pankaj why he hid such a big thing from them. Radha asks Nishant how can he do that. Nishant says he is taking his medicines on right time. Aditya leaves the room and gets emotional. Imlie consoles him saying Nishant will get better soon.

Aditya cries saying he had no idea that Nishant is critically ill. He is so selfish that he couldn’t see what Nishant is going through. Imlie reveals she knew about Nishant’s disease. But he told her to not tell about this as it could increase the tension in his family.

Aditya says means everyone is selfless except him. He doesn’t deserve to call himself a member of this house. Imlie says nothing like that. But right now he should give mental support to his family, he should forget about the divorce for some time and should take care of his brother. Aditya remains quiet.

Precap- Aditya and Imlie meet Malini. Kunal hugs Malini all of a sudden. Aditya and Imlie feel awkward. Malini tries to get rid off Kunal.

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