Imlie 14th November 2022 Written Update: Chini uses Jatin for her plan

Imlie 14th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kia telling Imlie that she is the elder daughter in law of this house so Imlie should stay in her limits. Only she will rule the house, not Imlie. Imlie replies that God has to be the ruler of everything not anyone else. Kia feels Imlie is not timid but she is smart. Kia decides to be over-smart to get Imlie out of the house.

Arto tells Chini that Imlie always gets close to him due to circumstances but he wants to be with Chini only. He requests Chini to leave for now as anyone might spot them together. Chini is about to leave but Kia catches her. Kia says if she is also against Imlie then they both can join hands to throw Imlie out of Rana house. Chini says she didn’t forget how much Kia insulted her. Kia tells her to forget all that but now they can be together to plan against Imlie. Kia thinks she will separate Chini and Arto. Chini feels she is just acting to join hands with Kia.

Arto says sorry for being late and Imlie tells Arto that she can wait for him whole life. Next day Imlie writes poem and Avinash calls her saying he needs three poems within one day. Imlie thinks it will be hectic and tiring. Rana’s arrange for a hawan and Imlie takes the responsibility to make the preparations. She thinks she has to finish all her work soon. Rudra leaves for meeting and says he will be back on time before the hawan. He also trusts Imlie will handle everything. Imlie coughs and Arto asks her if she is fine.

Divya says if Imlie can’t do the arrangements then she can clearly tell them. Imlie says she is fine, she mumbles the poems while making preparations and Arto asks her what is she doing? She says she is practicing for singing Bhajan. He says he didn’t know she knows singing too. Imlie thinks now she has to sing as well. Rupy falls sick after taking medicine and Arpita asks her not to go to Rana House. Only Chini will go. Chini recalls how she exchanged Rupy’s medicine with the wrong one. She acts like they should not attend the hawan but Arpita tells her to go there alone. Arto gets delighted to know Rathores including Chini are attending the hawan.

Jatin meets Chini and gives a present. She says he bought it with her money only. He asks her now she should tell the truth, she thinks she is just using Jatin for her plan. She tells him that she started falling for him and she finally understood his love’s value. He believes her easily and she tells him to do something. He agrees. Imlie reminds her poem lines and makes some noise using her fingers. Atharv tells her to repeat that again. He gets his music piece after a lot of struggle and he thanks her. They both get excited and Imlie also figures out her poem lines. She hugs him and thanks him. They both feel awkward..

Episode ends

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