Imlie 14th September 2022 Written Update: Malini turns aggressive after her truth comes out

Imlie 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini coming to Aryan in bridal attire. The priest tells them to hurry up, Sundar tells him to wait for sometime but Malini asks why would they wait? Chini gets nervous and tells Imlie that the marriage is about to start. Imlie whispers something in her ear and the latter smiles.

Chini takes the garlands and goes to the mandap before Anu could take the garlands. Aryan takes it from Chini and thinks he doesn’t know what he is doing. He feels Imlie is not going to come. Malini thinks now Imlie can never come back to Aryan again. Imlie thinks she already returned and will save Aryan and her family from Malini. Malini can’t move forward and she seeks help from Anu.

Anu says the muhurat has started, why she wants to delay? Malini says she doesn’t have any wish to ruin her plan. She notices someone stapled her dupatta with a stuff and she can’t move further for that reason. Anu tries to free her and then Chini recalls she did it to give some time to Imlie for the plan execution. Some people arrive and Anu assumes Malini invited guests. Malini says she didnt invite anyone. Anu is shocked to find out all the Malini’s recruits whom she hired for her plannings.

They all start congratulating Malini for her wedding with Aryan and also start saying they did the work properly what she gave them. How she gave promotion to Swapnil, they transferred the Bhaskar Times’ money in her account, she hid the bomb in the mic to kill Imlie etc..The jeweler says Anu came to him to make an earpiece but she didn’t come again. The truck driver also reveals he was asked to hit Imlie, the kidnapper says he came out of jail finally after kidnapping Chini. Malini shouts at them saying they didn’t do anything properly else Imlie would have died long back. Aryan comes to Malini and asks her what did she just say?

Nila and Preeta arrive and reveal how Imlie called these people and they gave her the numbers of these people. Malini asks Preeta how dare she? Preeta says Imlie always gave her respect which Malini didn’t. Finally she is in Imlie’s side and wants to support her along with Nila. Aryan asks Preeta where is Imlie?

She replies Imlie is near him, Imlie comes out and Aryan gets delighted seeing her. Imlie thanks the recruits for telling the truth. Chini talks ill about Malini and Imlie stops her from doing so. Imlie tells Chini to go to room as she can’t reveal her mother’s truth in front of her child. Imlie says Malini left Chini alone at the temple. Malini asks what proof she has? The priest arrives and says he saw Malini is leaving her child alone.

Imlie says Sita Maiya can never do injustice someone and Chini got saved. Imlie says how Malini published fake news from Bhaskar Times and hired goons to kidnap Chini and harmed the kids by food poisoning. She scared Chini by black magic and threw her out of the house. Then Malini again tried to kill her. Malini tells her she should stop crying, she destroyed her plans and now crying to gain sympathy. Imlie says how will she raise Chini with this attitude?

Malini says Imlie doesn’t need to love all her things, she will tackle Chini as it’s her daughter. Imlie and Aryan say that Chini is not a thing! Malini angrily tries to attack Imlie but Aryan protects her. Aryan tells Imlie to consider him her partner for sometime. Imlie holds his hand and asks Malini what she did that she has to collect proofs against her sister for the second time. Malini starts laughing and says for her Imlie is the biggest fool in this world the way she and Aryan are trying to save Chini.

Precap- Aryan becomes groom and tells that Imlie chose someone else now and doesn’t belong to him. He gets emotional looking at Imlie. Chini says she gave them bhaang and for that reason they ended up being in the hut. Aryan gets shocked and thinks means this child can be his.

The episode starts with Aryan telling Arpita that he is getting married to Malini. Arpita opposes his decision, has he lost it? How can he choose a person like Malini wants to ruin his life? He says he knows Chini needs a normal family and a father so he is doing it for her. Narmada asks then what about Imlie?

Aryan replies Imlie has started her new life with someone else and now she is not a part of their lives. They should forget her. Nila and Preeta also get shocked hearing his decision. Aryan says he has finalised the wedding date as well so nothing is going to change. Narmada says Imlie can never leave him. Aryan says they should accept the truth and it’s over. He leaves and Narmada says where is Imlie?

Malini tries a necklace in front of the mirror and asks Chini to select one for her. Chini chooses one and Malini says she will make another set for the latter. Chini asks her if she is happy with this wedding. Malini says ofcourse she is happy and she will give Chini whatever she wants as she is the reason why they are getting married. Chini says she wants Imlie.

Malini says that will never happen. Chini taunts her saying though Malini is becoming bride but Imlie is the heroine and her hero ji will

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