Imlie 15th September 2022 Written Update: Aryan and Imlie get united again

Imlie 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini saying Imlie is an idiot and after exposing her for twice she couldn’t know all her deeds. Malini says she doesn’t fear revealing her truth to everyone anymore. Imlie has snatched all the reasons from her to live and now her one and only motive is to destroy Imlie’s happiness. Malini adds she didnt born as villain but Imlie made her a villain. She did many things which Imlie doesn’t have idea about. Anu tells Malini to stop talking but the latter says she only pushed the burning drum towards them to kill three of them but it came back to her.

Imlie shouldn’t have saved her and by that she welcomed her own destruction. Malini says she locked Aryan and Imlie in room to create misunderstanding in front of Aditya. But still Imlie found a reason to be happy, she left her three months old kid but Imlie was pregnant and was happy so she pushed the pram of her own baby and threw the ball which is why Imlie slipped and lost Chiku. But Imlie still learned to stay happy. She got her family and love but Malini got nothing.

Imlie hugs Aryan and cries, Aryan tells Malini that he didn’t have the reason to get her arrested earlier but now he has. Chini asks Imlie who will get arrested? Imlie diverts the topic and Aryan says this is not the end but Malini will get her lesson soon. Imlie says Malini’s goodness is alive inside Chini and she will take away her from Malini forever. She and Aryan leave with Chini. Narmada cries and says if Malini was not Chini’s mother Aryan wouldn’t have spared her. Imlie tries to take blessings from Narmada and the latter stops her saying she will directly give shagun to Imlie.

Aryan says but Imlie has someone else in her life now and they don’t have any right on her. Chini clears Aryan’s doubts that she made them drink bhaang thus they ended up in hut and spent time together. Aryan finally understands thats his baby not anyone else’s. Narmada hugs Imlie and says she will welcome her and the baby to mansion. Imlie is standing near the doorstep and Chini asks Aryan to welcome two cute girls, Chini and his baby. Aryan performs Imlie’s aarti happily and Imlie gets inside.

Imlie thanks Nila and Preeta for their help. Nila says they used to consider her as outsider but slowly they understood Imlie is really lovable. Nila blesses Imlie and tells her to start afresh with Aryan. She also apologises to Meethi. Imlie hugs Preeta and the latter gets emotional. Preeta says she will delete her previous image of a mad lover of Ary baby. She adds she can’t cry but her eyeliner will get spoilt. Everyone laughs and Imlie says she will miss Preeta a lot.

Preeta takes a selfie with the family. Imlie sings song happily and Aryan comes to her. He says he broke her always but she still wants her child to be like him. Imlie says he should not blame himself fully but he should share half pain with her. Aryan says she is not at fault. She tries to convince him. Aryan says he is fire and she is ice. He can melt only by coming close to her. He assures her they will never get separated again.

Precap- Malini tells Anu that she will plan her exit in grand way by executing the last plan. She goes to Rathore Mansion during puja and fixes a bomb under the table. Imlie prays for her family’s safety.

The episode starts with Malini coming to Aryan in bridal attire. The priest tells them to hurry up, Sundar tells him to wait for sometime but Malini asks why would they wait? Chini gets nervous and tells Imlie that the marriage is about to start. Imlie whispers something in her ear and the latter smiles.

Chini takes the garlands and goes to the mandap before Anu could take the garlands. Aryan takes it from Chini and thinks he doesn’t know what he is doing. He feels Imlie is not going to come. Malini thinks now Imlie can never come back to Aryan again. Imlie thinks she already returned and will save Aryan and her family from Malini. Malini can’t move forward and she seeks help from Anu.

Anu says the muhurat has started, why she wants to delay? Malini says she doesn’t have any wish to ruin her plan. She notices someone stapled her dupatta with a stuff and she can’t move further for that reason. Anu tries to free her and then Chini recalls she did it to give some time to Imlie for the plan execution. Some people arrive and Anu assumes Malini invited guests. Malini says she didnt invite anyone. Anu is shocked to find out all the Malini’s recruits whom she hired for her plannings.

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