Imlie 16th February 2024 Written Update: Imlie saves Shivani.

Imlie 16th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie tells Binni that she will make her life hell if she ever tries to hurt anyone of the family and one day she will get exposed. Binni tells Imlie that she will never ask to enter the house. Imlie tells Binni that house belongs to her late husband. Binni tells Imlie that now it’s her house.

Two goons comes to Imlie’s stall and they start irritating Imlie. They tells Imlie to serve the food with her hands but Imlie denies to give the food. Imlie takes her stall and walks away but the goons bump their jeep to Imlie’s stall and runs away. The people comes to help Imlie while she feels helpless. Imlie gets a call and she gets shocked. Imlie then call Sonali and tells her meet her. Sonali tells Imlie to come in the house to meet her and Shivani is also coming to meet her. Imlie refuses to come home but Sonali insists Imlie.

Surya Reddy deals with a goon in the police station. The goons tries to threaten Surya from his connection but Surya tells the goon that he is not afraid of anyone.
Shivani’s car broke down in the middle of the road and at the same time the same goons who irritates Imlie starts misbehaving her. They snatch Shivani’s phone and tries to take her but Shivani rans to her house but they follow her and enter the house.

Sonali tells Imlie that Binni is pregnant and it might possible that something has been happened on the wedding night. Imlie tells Sonali that Binni is lieing and she will expose her one day.
Shivani becomes helpless as no one there in the house to save her from the goons who is after her.
Surya tells the goon that he will kill him. The goon accept his crime and surrender himself to Surya.

Shivani tries to escape her life but the goon attacks her. Imlie hears the noise and she comes to check. Imlie sees that goons is misbehaving with Shivani. Imlie tells the goon to leave her otherwise she will beat him. The goon recognise Imlie and tells her that he will teach a lesson also along with Shivani. Sonali tries to call the police but the goon points the knife and tell her to drop the phone. Imlie push the goon and tells Shivani to run but the goon push Imlie and starts strangling Imlie’s neck . Shivani attack the goon with the rod and saves Imlie.

The goon tries to attack Shivani but his legs slipped in the rod and he falls down from the balcony. Shivani tells Imlie and Sonali that she will kill the goon because cops will not help her. The another man kill for the diamonds and runs away. Shivani sees that goon is dead and she pulls out knife. Imlie and Sonali is shocked to see the incident. Imlie tries to tell something but she sees that someone is on the line in the goon’s phone. Imlie picks the phone and disconnects the phone.

Shivani tells Sonali that she didn’t kill the man. Imlie tells Sonali that we inform the police. Sonali and Imlie tells Shivani that they trust her but her fingers prints is in the knife. Sonali tells Imlie that we cannot convince the police that it’s an accident. Shivani tells Sonali that we will tell the police that we kill this man in self defense but Sonali tells Shivani that police will not believe them and they will ask for the proof. Imlie remembers about the promise she made with Agasyta to take care of his family and she assures Shivani that nothing will happen her.

Precap-Imlie meets with Suraj Reddy and she gets shock to see Suraj.

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