Imlie 16th June 2021 Written Update: Imlie sets her secret plan

Imlie 16th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kunal saying he never used someone in his life. Dev reveals because of him Malini and Aditya are divorcing each other. Kunal gets shocked to know that Aditya is Malini’s husband. Anu accuses him of interfering in Aditya and Malini’s life. She also says he manipulated Malini. Kunal tells them to calm down and thinks he should talk to Malini first regarding this. Dev requests Kunal to stay away from Malini.

Imlie talks to Malini. Malini asks aboht Nishant’s health. Imlie tells about chemotherapy. Kunal meets Malini and makes excuse in front of Imlie that they are going for a coffee date. Malini acts in front of Imlie. She tells Kunal to stop overacting. Later she asks whats the problem. Kunal says he wants to talk to her about something important. Imlie thinks maybe Kunal and Malini really love each other and Aditya was right, she is not ready to accept that.

Dev calls Aditya to meet him, Aditya agrees. Later Anu blames Dev for everything. His daughters are following his footsteps by cheating on others. Dev shuts her up. Kunal asks Malini why she wants divorce from Aditya. Malini gets shocked. She says it’s her decision. Kunal informs about her parents’ arrival in his office. How Dev threatened him.

Dev meets Aditya and requests him to not divorce Malini as he met Kunal and his behaviour was weird. He even called Malini crazy. Aditya says perhaps Kunal was confused what to answer and what not to. But he is the best if Malini chose him. Aditya adds he tried to sort things with Malini but it didn’t work so they don’t want to continue this.

Malini gets shocked and apologises to Kunal for her parent’s misbehaviour. Kunal asks her why she lied to everyone and why she took his name only, his career is getting hampered. Malini says its a long story, but she will make sure he doesn’t face any kind of trouble because of her anymore.

Dev pleads before Aditya to think once. As divorce won’t be a right decision. Aditya says he can’t change his mind and he has faith on Malini, she has chosen a great partner for her. Dev asks Aditya whats his reason due to which he wants to divorce Malini. Aditya gets shocked.

Malini says she won’t talk to Kunal. She is about to leave but Kunal stops her. Aditya and Dev spot them together. Aditya says Malini looks happy with Kunal. Dev thinks means Malini is meeting Kunal in public places and not even have shame for that.

Pallavi gives food to Imlie. She asks about Tripathis. Imlie understands Pallavi wants to know about Nishant. Imlie talks about other members to confuse her and suddenly she says she wants to study as exam date is near. She leaves her English book knowingly so that Pallavi comes to Tripathi house to return the book.

Imlie worries whether Pallavi will come or not. She thinks otherwise she won’t be able to study. Imlie then plays a relationship compatibility game. She wonders what word she will choose starts with M. She thinks murder. Aditya comes and snatches the copy. He asks her why is she not studying, she has her English exam. Imlie tries to defend her. Aditya looks at the copy and says marriage word also starts with M. Doorbell rings.

Sundar is about to open the door but Imlie pushes him and says he won’t open it. Sundar and Imlie fight with each other. Nishant stops them and opens the door. He gets surprised to see Pallavi. They stare at each other. Imlie notices them.

Precap – Imlie proposes Aditya. Tripathis come in this meantime.

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