Imlie 16th May 2022 Written Update: Imlie teaches lesson to Gudiya and Nila

Imlie 16th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie entering house with Aryan. Narmada scolds Aryan for not listening to her and leaving the hospital to go behind Imlie. Doctor scolded them a lot. Aryan says they went to the hospital to take the discharge papers. Imlie tells Narmada that she knows the latter loves her a lot and supported her during tough times then she must have done something wrong which is why Narmada is so upset with her. Imlie says she can do anything to make her happy.

Narmada says if she can really do that then can she quit her job? Because of her even Aryan is arguing with her all the time. Imlie and Aryan get shocked to hear that. Imlie is about to speak but Aryan stops her saying he won’t let her quit her job. Why Imlie has to sacrifice just because she is his wife? If he was in her place, would Narmada tell him the same? Narmada says but Aryan comes to his family hearing their one call but Imlie can’t do that.

Aryan replies because Imlie does everything selflessly without making any noise. He says how Imlie pre orders Narmada’s medicines, how she prepares her Puja thali everyday. Imlie goes to NGO when he can’t go there, she mostly works from home and doesnt go to office with him so that the employees can’t judge her saying he did a favour on her by marrying her. But noone can see her actions. Aryan says he won’t see Imlie leaving her identity just because she got his surname. He takes Imlie from there.

Arpita asks Narmada why she is suddenly badmouthing Imlie like that. Nila provokes Narmada saying Arpita should support her mother and Imlie has the duty to stay home and help her mother in law. Gudiya says Imlie wants to run from her responsibilities. Narmada says Nila is right and it shocks Arpita. Jyoti thinks she saved Aryan but he just said one thanks to her. Imlie’s energy cant be powerful than her. Nila and Gudiya say that they have done their job and now Narmada won’t support Imlie.

Jyoti says Imlie and Aryan are not married for long so they will get separated. Gudiya talks about her pair with Aryan proudly. Jyoti also indirectly says she is perfect for Aryan not Gudiya. Jyoti thinks once she gets Aryan then she will easily get Gudiya out of this house. Nila says she has to do something big to separate Aryan and Imlie as their bond is strong. Jyoti gets into thinking.

Imlie tells Aryan that he should have misbehaved with Narmada as she was really worried for him. He says she understands everything except herself. Why she has to sacrifice her dreams for anyone? She says if she does it for her family. It’s not a crime. Arpita stops their argument and says Nila and Gudiya are the reason why Narmada is behaving this way. They are constantly provoking her. Imlie says she will teach them lesson tomorrow.

Imlie plays loud music and wakes Nila and Gudiya up. They get annoyed and argue with Imlie. Imlie troubles them and she warns them to not try to manipulate Narmada again. Aryan and Arpita enjoy watching the scene.

Precap- Imlie asks Narmada to give her one chance but Narmada says she wants take back all the rights from Imlie.

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