Imlie 16th September 2022 Written Update: Imlie gives birth to a baby girl

Imlie 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling Imlie that he is ice and she is fire. He can melt near her. He gives her a forehead kiss and says they will never get separated from now on. Imlie says she wrote letters for her baby and she has the diary too. He asks her she wrote things for their baby but what about baby’s father. He gets close to her and she asks what does he want?

He replies he only wants her. Imlie feels the labour pain and Aryan starts panicking seeing her condition. He drinks water and she tells him to take deep breaths. He takes her to the hospital. Malini holds a bottle and Anu snatches it from her saying why the latter wants to commit suicide? Malini says she wants to sleep well tonight so she took one pill. Tomorrow is an important day. She says she was weak before and was mad for Aditya. But Anu taught her how to turn her weakness into strength. Her hatred for Imlie is deep.

Aryan gets nervous in the hospital and his family tells him to stop worrying. He says he is becoming father for the first time. They hear baby crying voice and the nurse congratulates them saying it’s a baby girl. Aryan holds the baby in his arms and he kisses on her forehead. (Ae Dil Laya hai Bahar plays in background) Chini comes near Imlie and says to her little sister that they will always stay together with their parents. Narmada blesses the little angel. Aryan holds Imlie’s hand and she sheds happy tears. Rathores perform puja in the mansion. Narmada addresses the baby girl as Laxmi and Sundar says its a suitable name too. Narmada says but they will decide the name during naming ceremony only.

Imlie and Aryan decide not to differentiate between Chini and their baby. They will be called as Rathore sisters. They will be given equal amount of love and care. Imlie performs the aarti and thinks, wish there was same kind of love present between her and Malini too like how it’s there between Chini and her daughter. Imlie talks to God and checks the puja ingredients. She says she got her complete family finally and she would do anything for them. She takes out the coin which Satyakam gave her as shagun. She says God has filled her life with happiness and she will be thankful towards him.

Malini wakes up after 18 hours and Anu asks if she is alright. She says she is scared seeing Malini like that. Anu says she Malini to hate Imlie but now it seems Malini stopped loving herself too. She suggests Malini to shift to abroad and she can start afresh there. Malini smiles and says its a good idea and before that she will destroy the old to start something new. Malini adds she will leave after her last exit plan.

Precap- Malini goes to Rathore Mansion during the naming ceremony when Aryan and Imlie are sitting. Malini fits a bomb there saying it’s a gift for Imlie’s child from her Maasi. The bomb blasts and Chini calls Imlie. She finds Imlie and Aryan lying injured.

The episode starts with Malini saying Imlie is an idiot and after exposing her for twice she couldn’t know all her deeds. Malini says she doesn’t fear revealing her truth to everyone anymore. Imlie has snatched all the reasons from her to live and now her one and only motive is to destroy Imlie’s happiness. Malini adds she didnt born as villain but Imlie made her a villain. She did many things which Imlie doesn’t have idea about. Anu tells Malini to stop talking but the latter says she only pushed the burning drum towards them to kill three of them but it came back to her.

Imlie shouldn’t have saved her and by that she welcomed her own destruction. Malini says she locked Aryan and Imlie in room to create misunderstanding in front of Aditya. But still Imlie found a reason to be happy, she left her three months old kid but Imlie was pregnant and was happy so she pushed the pram of her own baby and threw the ball which is why Imlie slipped and lost Chiku. But Imlie still learned to stay happy. She got her family and love but Malini got nothing.

Imlie hugs Aryan and cries, Aryan tells Malini that he didn’t have the reason to get her arrested earlier but now he has. Chini asks Imlie who will get arrested? Imlie diverts the topic and Aryan says this is not the end but Malini will get her lesson soon. Imlie says Malini’s goodness is alive inside Chini and she will take away her from Malini forever. She and Aryan leave with Chini. Narmada cries and says if Malini was not Chini’s mother Aryan wouldn’t have spared her. Imlie tries to take blessings from Narmada and the latter stops her saying she will directly give shagun to Imlie.

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