Imlie 17th February 2024 Written Update: Imlie meets Suraj Reddy.

Imlie 17th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Shivani tells Imlie that she hasn’t killed the man and she will be punished. Imlie assures Shivani that she will not get punish.

Malti prepare food for her husband and brother Suraj Reddy. Suraj tells Malti that he is very hungry. Malti tells Suraj to wait for Raghu. Suraj calls in Raghu’s phone. Imlie, Shivani and Sonali hides the dead body of Raghu. Malti tells Suraj that she is worried because Raghu is not picking up the phone. Imlie,Sonali tells Shivani that the man was killed by his deeds. Suraj assures Malti that he will find Raghu.

Amma ji and everyone arrives in the house. Sonali tells Imlie to hide. Shivani hugs Amma ji and cries. Amma ji ask Shivani that what happens. Shivani tells Amma ji that someone entered the house forcefully in their absence. Amma ji asks Shivani that who was that suddenly Imlie comes and tells them she came forcefully. Amma ji and Alka starts taunting Imlie. Alka pushes Imlie out of the house.

Imlie sees the dream of burying the dead body and she wakes up suddenly. Imlie sees the picture of Agasyta and tells him that she will fulfill the promise. Suddenly Imlie feels that someone has enter her house premises. Imlie thinks that the mask killer is back but it’s Suraj Reddy who comes to enquire about Raghu.

Suraj ask Raghu’s friend about Raghu and that man tells that Raghau had an argument with a girl who runs a stall. Suraj sees the same stall in Imlie’s house. Imlie attacks Suraj from behind and Imlie pulls out the mask. Imlie is shock to see that it’s Agasyta and she gets unconscious. Bulbul wakes up Imlie and tells her that she is getting late to fill the form of class 12. Imlie tells Bulbul that Agasyta came her last night. Imlie sees that everything is normal and she tells Bulbul that she might be dreaming. Bulbul tells Imlie to get ready because she will have to fill the form of class 12.

In the next morning,Amma ji and everyone prays in the Aangan . Amma ji becomes emotional because she misses Agasyta every day. Shivani feels anxious because Avi is standing in that place where the body was buried. Avi finds a hand from the soil and it’s dolls hand. Shivani gets tensed to see the hand. Shivani tells Imlie that she can’t hide this secret from Avi. Imlie suggest Shivani to don’t worry because no will come to find that man. Suraj arrives with a police constable where Raghu’s phone was last track.

Precap-Surraj decides to punish Imlie and Imlie will protect Agasyta’s family at any cost.

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