Imlie 17th November 2022 Written Update: Imlie takes Chini to Rana House

Imlie 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Chini that she will be there for the latter until she recovers completely. Devika says she doesn’t know what Chini was upto and it’s good she left. Chini comes out of the house and says she forgot her purse in the room. Imlie and Arto go to take that inside and Chini leaves with Jatin in hi car. She smirks thinking now Imlie will bring her back to this house. Imlie and Arto cant find her after coming back. Rudra feels Chini will put them in trouble. Imlie grows tensed and she calls Chini. Jatin says to Chini he waited for this moment for long. Finally they won’t be separated.


Chini takes his phone saying she will switch it off else their family might try to track their numbers. Imlie can’t be able to talk to Chini and Rupy reaches there with her family. Imlie cries hugging Rupy and Imlie gets Jatin’s text. Arto reads that Jatin kidnapped her. Arto leaves to inform police. Kia says Chini can go to any extent but she won’t accept her defeat. Rudra tells Imlie that Chini can’t get kidnapped that easily, Imlie needs to see the reality, it might be hard to accept. But he will support her. Imlie says she will learn the truth and will punish the culprit.

Chini asks Jatin to stop near a hut, she says their family will search for them in the hotel so this would be the right place for them. She thinks destiny is supporting her. Imlie and Rudra go on a lookout for Chini. Arto calls Imlie and asks how would they find Chini. Imlie says Chini is her world and she would try her best. Imlie learns about a car in a footage from a person who work in Bhaskar Times. She thinks Jatin can take Chini away in this car. Jatin gives a stolen necklace to Chini as shagun. He makes her wear that, Imlie stops the car near the hut thinking it looks abandoned and Chini can be there.

Rudra observes from the window that Chini looks normal. He thinks Chini will get punishment for her deed by the police but Imlie needs to know Chini’s true colors. He takes Imlie inside to show her what Chini is doing. Chini acts like she is getting harassed by Jatin. Jatin looks shocked, Imlie starts beating him with stick. Chini accuses him and Imlie scolds Jatin saying women are not weak. He gives examples of Goddesses and also about her mother who was really strong. Arto enters and beats Jatin. Imlie tells him not to take law in lands. She tells Rudra that Chini can’t put her dignity in risk no matter what she does.

Rudra stands shocked. Rupy cries seeing Chini and says she will look after her properly. Imlie says Chini won’t go anywhere but she will take care of her sister as she got into trouble here only. Its her responsibility. Chini thinks now finally she can stay in Rana house.

Precap- Chini calls Arto saying she is missing him, he should meet her as everyone is asleep. Arto tries to go to Chini but Imlie calls him

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