Imlie 17th September 2021 Written Update: Anu sends crowd to humiliate Aditya

Imlie 17th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Malini coming to Kunal’s office to convince him. She tells him to leave the case for the sake of their friendship. Kunal says when Malini was supporting the right thing he was with her but not now. Malini says she was being emotional fool that time and now she is fighting for her rights. How can Kunal send her to jail. Kunal says he can understand how does it feel when you love someone and that person friendzone you. But Malini should understand that Aditya doesn’t love her. Her one sided love doesn’t give her the right to get Aditya forcibly. Malini says Kunal is crossing his limits. He is saying she took advantage of Aditya. Kunal says Malini came her to take advantage of their friendship. But he can’t help her in anyway. Malini says if Kunal wants to destroy his career he can take this case. She leaves angrily. Kunal ignores her.

Harish informs family that they got court notice and they are asked to give statement there. He calls Imlie angrily. Imlie says its about their dignity and they cant back off thinking about their status. Its Malini’s fault. Aditya says Malini supported them at every stage. Malini supported his and Imlie’s relationship when everyone was against them. He doesn’t consider himself as victim as he only did the crime not Malini.

Aditya leaves. Aparna says Imlie will ruin their family respect. Harish says but they have to be present in the court as its an order. Pankaj asks Imlie if she is sure about her decision. Imlie says she has no other option but doing this. She will expose the truth.

Malini tells Dev to tell Imlie that she should withdraw her complaint. Else she can end up in jail due to false accusation. Dev says she should be confident as she didn’t do anything wrong. He wanted to talk to Imlie but right now Malini is in trouble because of her own fault. He cautioned her many times but she didn’t listen to him. Anu says the case will be dismissed as she has arranged something and Tripathis won’t reach court today.

Tripathis come out of their house and some people humiliate Aditya and says he put false charges on Malini when he is the guilty. Aditya loses his calm and attacks one of them. Meethi waits for Imlie in court. People try to attack Aditya in anger and Imlie stops them. Imlie stands up for him saying why they are believing someone’s else’s words and came here to accuse Aditya.

Aditya will get justice for sure and they can’t stop him from going to court. Imlie tells them let us go. Dulari comes with stick and says she knows how to tackle this crowd. She attacks them and Tripathis stop her from being violent. But Dulari pushes those people away.

Kunal tells judge that his client must have faced any issues and is unable to reach here. Mr Desai says prosecutor and client are not taking the case seriously. They can’t wait for them this long. The case should be dismissed. Judge agrees with Mr Desai and says Kunal’s client has not reached yet. They can’t wait for them. Judge is about to close the case but Imlie arrives with Tripathis. Imlie apologises to Judge for being late. Malini gets scared and Anu wonders how Tripathis managed to come here after she sent such a huge crowd.

Anu assures Malini that Mr Desai will handle everything. Kunal says to Judge he will prove Malini took advantage of Aditya when he was in drunken state. She spent night with him without his consent. Mr Desai says this accusation is false and it cant be proved too. He calls Harish in the witness box and asks him what happened that night. Harish says they were drunk so he can’t remember anything. Mr Desai calls Aditya in witness box.

Precap – Mr Desai accuses Aditya of marrying a 18 years old girl and then he trapped Malini by marrying her. Later he molested her too. Kunal questions Aditya does he know Malini stopped the divorce proceedings. Aditya gets shocked and looks at Malini.

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