Imlie 18th February 2024 Written Update: Imlie challenge to expose Binni.

Imlie 18th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie suggest Shivani that she will not anything to him and keeps him away from this matter. Sonali tells Imlie that she is afraid if someone comes here to enquiry about Raghu. Imlie assures them that no one will come and if anyone comes then they wlll say that they had not done an wrong but infact Imlie tells them that she will take the blame. Shivani tells Sonali that she will gives the excuse to Avi that she is not well. Imlie tells Sonali that did she find anything about Binni. Sonali tells Imlie that she haven’t get any information of her and everyone is thinking that she is supporting her. Imlie asks for a favour from Sonali. Binni learns from Sonali that a parcel has come in her name. Binni finds that there is not delivery person outside suddenly Imlie comes and Binni gets shock. Binni taunts Imlie that she have started food delivery service also. Imlie tells Binni that she has come her to give her warning because she is playing with everyone’s emotions with her fake pregnancy news. Imlie tells Binni that she will expose her. Binni tells Imlie that she had married Agasyta and the child belongs to Agasyta. Binni tells Imlie that what will she do infact she tells Imlie that she will Amma ji and tell her everything. Binni tells Imlie that no one will believe her if she will tell the truth. Imlie gives the last chance to Binni either stop playing with family’s emotion or she will expose her. Imlie challenges her that she expose her anyhow.

Surya comes with junior officer at Chaudhary’s mansion and on the way Surya sees Imlie on the way. Surya thinks that Raghu’s phone last location was Chaudhary’s mansion and Raghau also have a fight with Imlie. Surya tells Tripathi to enquire about Raghu from the Chaudhary’s and report him.

Imlie comes to fill the form for class 12 examination. Surya follows Imlie and she finds Surya infront of her. Imlie gets shock but suddenly Surya disappear.
Binni tells Sonali that she is not lieing anyone. Sonali tells Binni that if she is really pregnant then she will get lots of love from her and if she is lieing that she really don’t know what will happen.

Tripathi comes to Chaudhary’s Mansion and tells Jugnu that he have come to enquire about a missing person. Sonali and Shivani gets tensed when they see the police. Sonali drags Shivan because she was staring at the spot where they had buried Raghu.

Surya continue to follow Imlie. Imlie stops his car and breaks the window to know that who is following her. Imlie gets shock because she is seeing Agasyta infront of her. Imlie tries to touch Surya but he stops her and holds her hands. Surya tells Imlie that she is a violent girl. Surya asks Imlie that who is Agasyta.

Tripathi asks Amma ji that where was your family in 15 Feb. Amma ji tells that everyone was not at home except Shivani and Sonali. Tripathi asks Sonali that did anybody came that day and he gives a photo to Sonali to identify. Sonali refuses to identify him but Shivani gets anxious and Binni notice her. Tripathi asks Shivani that why she is nervous. Sonali tells Tripathi that Shivani is upset because her online delivery hasn’t come yet. Tripathi asks Sonali that did any third person was also there in the house. Binni tells Tripathi that Imlie was also with them in that day.. Tripathi asks about Imlie. Sonali tells Tripathi that Imlie is her late brother first wife but Amma ji denies to accept her daughter in law and tells Tripathi that Imlie is a village girl and have no connections with them. Tripathi walks away and finds a family picture in which he sees Agasyta who is a carbon copy of Surya Reddy.

Imlie tells Surya that he is not Agasyta. Surya tells that this girl is full mad. Tripathi tells Surya that he didn’t believe and show him the picture. Surya finds a carbon copy of himself and finds that why Imlie was calling him Agasyta. Tripathi tells Surya that he have a doubt because the family is hiding something about Imlie.
Imlie asks Radha Rani that why she is doing with her and allowing anyone to give Agasyta’s face who doesn’t have any quality like Agasyta.

Precap-Surya comes to Chaudhary’s mansion and everyone gets shock. Surya takes Amma ji’s blessings. Surya stops Imlie.

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