Imlie 18th January 2023 Written Update: Arto reveals about Chini’s suspicious text to Imlie

Imlie 18th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto touching his head with Imlie’s head. He says he did it else horns will come out. Imlie says since when he started believing in all these? He says when she became his friend. He fears losing her too. There Rudra tells Devika that they should trust Arto and lmlie’s bond and if this time Arto’s intentions are wrong and that’s why he allowed Rathods to stay here then he will never forgive him. There Kia and Akash discuss about Rathods’ sudden arrival and now they have to tolerate them forcibly. Chini comes and tells them she came here along with the plan to destroy Imlie.

Anu asks Chini not to take stess thinking about Arto and Imlie’s friendship. She has another plan, Chini says she was about to lose Sundar because of Anu’s stupid plan. Now she will think of something new. Rupy finds them together and Anu shuts Chini up seeing her. Rupy says if Chini thinks about something else except her wedding with Abhishek then there will be consequences.

She takes Chini from there to sleep, the latter says she needs separate room and Rupy says she has to adjust. Imlie thinks she should talk to Arto about Chini or not, she hesitates because Arto is already disturbed because of Chini. She thinks she should talk to Rupy first. Arto comes to her room and she gets shocked. He says he wants to sleep in her room as he couldn’t sleep properly. It’s okay to share room being friends but Imlie says they should not grow wrong habits else after separation they both will face issues. She stops him from entering her room and he leaves upset.

Chini wakes up and recalls Anu’s advise that she should execute the plan instead of wasting time. She goes towards Arto’s room at night, Imlie feels guilty that she asked Arto to leave so she goes to apologise to him. Kia drags Chini seeing Imlie coming. Kia tells Chini that Imlie would’ve caught her and thrown her out. Chini gets pissed and calls Anu. Arto laughs at Imlie when she says sorry, he says he didn’t mind at all but she is really sweet. She can scold him whenever she wants. He asks her to sleep in his room being friends. He wants to put equal efforts in this new beginning of them.

He adds she has bad memories in this room but with time she will forget it. She says the room is really messy, he says they can sleep on bed. Imlie says but how can they share bed? Arto asks her to relax. They arrange the bed together and he teases her saying her intentions are wrong it seems. He laughs and later they lay in bed after separating it in two parts using pillows. Arto says he really got scared seeing her in danger. She asks if he will become weak cause of Chini, he says her guidance would be with him so he won’t be bothered by Chini. Imlie falls asleep and Arto says Chini sent him a text stating she misses him. He wants to move on but what does Chini want?

Episode ends

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