Imlie 18th November 2022 Written Update: Imlie prepares a new music set up for Arto

Imlie 18th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini calling Arto and he talks to his new client that he will send him the music pieces and it would be an honour for him to play music for the latter’s event. Chini feels why Arto is disconnecting her calls, he calls her back after some time and she says when she used to stay at home he used to ask how is she but now he is not bothered about her. He tries to share about his next project excitedly but she doesn’t listen. She asks him to come to her room to meet her at midnight. He says anyone can see them together, she says everyone is asleep so noone will know. Arto leaves to meet her when she says she is missing him.

Imlie calls Arto and he gets surprised. He asks her he is in dilemma and he can’t understand if he is doing wrong or right. She touches his chest and tells him to speak to his heart and it will always guide her towards the right path. She leaves and he goes to Chini. Chini tries to take him inside but he says he cant spend time with her at odd hours because Imlie trusts him a lot. He will break his heart but can’t break her trust. He leaves saying he loves Chini and that wont change. He will meet her tomorrow.

Arto shares with Imlie his worries and his previous set up got burnt and samples too. How he would get new equipments and set up to prepare music. Imlie smiles at him and he asks why she is behaving like that. She shows him a new set up she arranged for him in their room. He is delighted to see her efforts and thanks her dearly. She says she would like to listen to his music and he doesn’t need to thank her.

He says it might be annoying for her, she says music is special for him and anything related to him can’t be bad. He thinks she is so nice. She tells him to practice whole night. Chini arrives and says she can’t sleep here as it’s a new place. She wants to sleep with Imlie. Imlie says but she can’t sleep here, Chini gets offended that Imlie forgot her after marriage, Arto says he will practice music at night so Chini won’t be able to sleep peacefully. Imlie says she will sleep with Chini in her room not in Arto’s room.

Chini thinks though Imlie didn’t let her sleep in Arto’s room but soon she will throw the latter out of the house. Rupy looks stressed and Arpita asks her to calm down. Rupy says she feels Chini is selfish and she might create rift between Arto and Imlie in Rana House. Chini asks Imlie she and Arto are coming closer quite fast, Imlie says they are just knowing each other for now. Chini falls asleep and Imlie thinks she should go to see Atharv once. She gives him coffee and listens to his music using the headphone. She compliments his work saying it’s really beautiful.

She asks him about how he started liking music. He shares his childhood story. He shares how his father used to sing lullaby for him and it was favourite for him. He couldn’t sleep without it in childhood. Arto adds Rudra inspired him to choose music but he didn’t understand his passion for that and that’s sad. Imlie feels good and says this is indeed special that he shared how Rudra loves him a lot. He ties a knot in her saree. She goes to bring some food but a vase breaks. Chini comes to see Imlie but falls on her way. Rana’s get shocked seeing her on floor.

Precap- Imlie makes Dalia for Chini but the latter mixes something smelly. Chini says she feels like vomiting after eating it. Arto says Imlie cant be wrong, he eats it and falls sick.

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