Imlie 18th November 2023 Written Update: Agastya ties to bring back Imlie forcefully.

Imlie 18th November 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya tells Imlie to come with him. Two men tries to misbehave with Imlie but Agastya gets angry on those men and beat them. Agastya tries to take Imlie but she refuses him and tells Agastya that she will decide to go or not.


Govind and Rajni decides to asks Amrit directly what he did with Imlie and Agastya. Govind tells Amrit that he was blackmailing Imlie and he is responsible for Agastya’s arrest. Amrit tells Govind to give proof for the allegations.

Imlie walks on the road and she feels that someone is following her. Imlie walks quickly to her home as she becomes scared. Imlie runs to her and closed the door. Pallo asks Imlie that why she bang the door and Imlie tells Pallo that she saw someone was following her when she was coming back home. Pallo opens the door and tells Imlie that there is no one here.

Chaudhary Mansion age getting decorated. Rajni tells Agastya that Shivangi and Karan are back. Shivangi tells Rajni that she was going to suprise Agastya when she tells Agastya about her. Agastya hugs Shivani and Karan. Agastya makes fun of Shivani about her result. Agastya asks Karan about business and Govind tells them to avoid talking about business otherwise he will complain Amma ji. Amma ji tells Agastya to make fun of Shivangi till tomorrow because she is going to have Roka on another day. Amma ji tells Shivani that she is going get married and Amma ji is happy for her.

Amma ji tells Shivani that she was unable to celebrate properly in Agastya wedding. Rajni asks Agastya about Imlie and Agastya assures Rajni that Imlie will comeback.
Imlie tells Pallo that she is scared because few years ago there was someone who used to follow her. Pallo tells Imlie to go to sleep and assure her that he will not back. Imlie recalls a feafull memory. Imlie tells Pallo that she wants to meet Ashu .

Amma ji tells Agastya that he have to bring Imlie back because soon will Shivangi’s marriage and how will she answered if someone asks about Imlie. Amma ji tells Agastya that she don’t want to see Imlie’s face but she doesn’t want to ruined familys reputation. Amma ji tells Agastya that Imlie should be hear in before Diwali and Agastya assures Amma ji that Imlie will be back before Diwali.

Imlie decides to go to Ashu and Pallo asks Imlie that how she will manage to go alone. Imlie tells Pallo that she is not going alone and suddenly her friends arrived in the bycles. Imlie reaches hospital with her friends. Imlie asks nurse about Ashu and the nurse tells herbto asks in the reception. Imlie goes to the reception and asks about Ashu. A man in the reception tells Imlie to go in the room. Imlie open the door and sees the bed are empty. Imlie finds that Ashu is missing but suddenly Ashu comes from front and hugs Imlie.

Ashu goes to sleep holding Imlie’s hand. The doctor sees Imlie and ask about her presence. Imlie tells doctor that she wants to send Ashu back to hostel because he is missing all classes. Imlie tells doctor to refer Ashu to another wo is near to Ashu’s hospital. Imlie tells doctor that she is not worried about the money. Doctor agrees and says Imlie that he will see to it.

Ashn asks Imlie that why she is sending back to him hostel. Imlie tells Ashu that she wants Ashu to be educated and become a big person in his life. Imlie tells Ashu that she wants to protect him in Purwaiya from everyone and tells Ashu to hides the relationship between them. Imlie thanks her friends and tells them that she was worried for Ashu that’s why she asks them for the help. Imlie’s friends tells her to go home and relax. Imlie sees that some people are in her house throwing things from the house. Imlie asks Pallo that what these people are doing. Pallo tells Imlie that the landlord has ordered us to leave this home . Imlie tells Pallo that the landlord must give some time to find another house. Imlie tells to those men to stop because she wants to talk to the landlord.

Suddenly Agastya comes and tells Imlie that the landlord has sell this land and homw to him and now he is the landlord of this house. Imlie and Pallo gets shocked to hear. Pallo tells lmlie that she is responsible for this. Imlie tells Pallo to calm down. Imlie tells Bulbul and Pallo to come in the house with the stuffs.

Govind asks Amrit the reason what he done with Agastya and Imlie. Amrit tells Govind that they are taking the advantages of him without the proof. Amrit tells Govind to bring the proof and asks him. Rajni tells Amrit that they have proof and someone hears the conversation between Imlie and him.
Agastya breaks the gates and tells Imlie to go out from his house otherwise he will report to police. Imlie takes the bat and breaks Agastya’s car.

Precap-Jugnu tells Amrit that was blackmailing Imlie. Amrit beats Jugnu. Imlie is determine that she will not leave her house.

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