Imlie 19th February 2024 Written Update: Chaudhary’s faces a tough times.

Imlie 19th February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya tells the police commissioner that he wants a search warrant for Chaudhary’s mansion. The police commissionar asks Surya about proof. Surya tells the commissioner that his sixth sense is very strong and he is confirmed that something has happened with his brother in law Raghu in that house. The police commissioner tells Surya that Chaudhary’s are very old residents of Purwaiya and respectable family so he denies to give the permission and kick him out of the case.

Sonali informs Imlie that a police constable has came to enquire about Raghu and they are very scared if the police has track Raghu’s phone location. Imlie assures them that nothing will happen to them and she is always there for them.

Surya tells the constable that he doubts that Raghu have some connections with Imlie but he can’t work in this cafe officially and he decides to involve in this cafe personally.

Malti is crying and her Amma is consoling her. Surya comes to his sister and tell her not to cry he will find Raghu very soon. Raghu tells Amma that commissioner has kick him out of the case but his Amma is very angry on him and reminds him that he can’t do anything because he is a not a family. Amma tells Surya her husband has pick him from the roads and if her was alive today then she will say him that a own bloods will know the significance of the family.

Tripathi informs that the technical team has find a audio file of him and Raghu. Surya tells Tripathi to send the audio file in his personal email id. Surya hears the audio file in which he hears Radha Rani in the audio file.

Tripathi informs Surya that case if Raghu is closed by the commissioner. Surya gets angry and decides to investigate in the case personally.
Imlie is pass in English examination and she got 70 out of 100. Imlie requests her teacher to take the answer scripts to home to verify it and show to her family. Imlie is very happy to that she is slowly fulfil the promise which she did to Agasyta. Imlie gets a call from her friend and tell her that she is coming to meet them. Surya follows Imlie quietly.

Imlie learn from her friends that Raghu’s case has been closed. Imlie feels relaxed and ask about Agasyta’s family from them. Imlie learns from her friends that Amma ji’s health is good, Shivani has gone in depression,Sonali met an accident and Govind and Karam are trying to runs the business but they are fail and they have lots of debts in the market. Imlie’s friends tells her that she can only manage the family but she is not with them. Imlie tells them that if she is not staying with them but she cares for them alot. Imlie thanks her friends for informing her.
Binni comes to Sonali’s room and finds a message in Sonali’s phone. Binni picks the Sonali’s phone and hears the message that Imlie wants to talk her.

Imlie collides with Binni’s car. Binni warn Imlie to stop messing with her. Imlie tells Binni that Agasyta was her husband. A lady comes and indentify Binni as Rashmi. Binni tells that lady she is having a misunderstanding and she is Binni not Rashmi. Imlie ask that lady about Binni but Binni ingore them and went away. Imlie sees that Surya is following her and she went to her but she realised that he is not her Babu and he is a duplicate. Surya argues with Imlie that he will complain in police if she calls him again Babu.

Precap-Sonali tells her family that house has been sold to a man who is coming. Surya arrives and surprise Chaudhary’s. Surya asks Amma ji to call his dadi. Surya tells Imlie that soon he will capture everything of Agasyta.

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