Imlie 19th July 2022 Written Update: Imlie blames Aryan

Imlie 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling Imlie that she loves Gudiya because she is Aditya’s baby. Imlie gets shocked to hear that. She says it means he wants to stay she is still in love with Aditya? Aryan says he didn’t say that but the fact is she couldn’t trust him when he told her he will protect Gudiya. She took risk as she felt he won’t save Aditya’s baby.

Now because of her he lost Cheeku forever. Imlie says not because of her but Aryan is responsible. Aryan couldn’t fulfil his promise of taking care of Gudiya. He failed to protect her for a short period of time and she was in risk. Because of his carelessness they lost their baby. Aryan asks her is she mad or what? He doesn’t believe in her accusation.

Imlie says she was not ready to love someone again but he came into her life and motivated her. He said her past won’t bother him but it was all a lie. First he doubted Madhav and didn’t accept Cheeku and now he is blaming her for losing Cheeku. Today he questioned her character as well. His love is like ocean but he behaves the opposite when he loses his calm.

Aryan says she broke him completely from inside. She may leave him. He punches on wall in anger. Imlie is shocked to hear that. Imlie applies medicine on his wound but he tells her to not hold his hand again as it will remind him of her negligence due to which they lost their baby. Imlie feels devastated hearing his decision and she leaves from the room. She starts packing her luggage.

Sundar goes to Aryan and tries to convince him to change his decision because Imlie can’t live without him in village. She will act to stay happy but she is incomplete without Aryan. Aryan says he can’t forget the mishap and this is probably the right decision. Arpita also tries to stop Imlie saying Aryan has no sense, they will scold him but Imlie should not leave like this. She asks Imlie what Aryan has said to her?

Imlie says maybe it’s all over for Aryan thus he doesn’t want work on their relationship anymore so she won’t force him. She cries hugging Arpita. Sundar tells Aryan to not give such a big punishment to Imlie but he remains adamant.

Malini brings Gudiya to a godown and says before Imlie came into her life she had everything. Her father used to love her, Aditya only loved her but after Imlie’s arrival everything was taken away from her and Imlie snatched everything. She wanted to live a happy life with her children and Aditya. She would have shown love to Gudiya, she would have accepted her but thats not possible because of Imlie. Malini hugs Gudiya and cries. She says she will say good bye to Gudiya forever.

Gudiya cries. Nila and PD get happy to know Imlie is leaving the house. Nila says now they can get Aryan’s property and PD can marry him. Meethi calls Nila and says Imlie or Aryan is not answering her calls? What happened there? Nila reveals to her that Aryan threw Imlie out of the house. Meethi stands shocked hearing that. Arpita and others try to stop Imlie from leaving and she looks at Aryan. Aryan doesn’t want to stop her.

Precap- Imlie prepares to shoot for a video. She instructs her team and there a little girl scares a villager and asks him about a witch. She reveals her identity who is Malini’s baby. Imlie finishes the shooting with her and leaves the place with her happily.

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