Imlie 19th June 2021 Written Update: Malini shuts lawyer Desai up for misbehaving with Kunal

Imlie 19th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Imlie telling love you to everyone. Tripathis tell her love you too. Imlie gets happy. Radha says Pallavi must be in pain as Nishant hurt her feelings with his lie. Rupy says Nishant didn’t want to become selfish, he doesn’t want Pallavi to suffer because of him.

Radha says Nishant’s life has become short but he deserves to get love atleast. Imlie says she will try her best to bring Pallavi and Nishant together, no matter how many times they deny. Radha and Aparna tell her to concentrate on giving exam instead of doing all these. Imlie eats curd and sugar. She says she will pass the exam but today she wants to hear good luck for uniting Nishant and Pallavi. Rupy tells her to be extra careful as Nishant and Pallavi are not kids. Aditya tells Imlie he will drop her.

Imlie says today Nishant will only drop her not Aditya. She signals Aditya but he fails to understand. Imlie tells him that she is taking Nishant with her so that he can meet Pallavi in canteen. Aditya says are you sure? He then leaves telling Nishant to drop Imlie. Aditya says good luck to Imlie and winks. Later Nishant leaves with her without having breakfast.

Lawyer Desai tells Kunal to have some shame. How can he get into an affair with a married woman. Malini raises her voice and tells Desai to stay in limits. She says Desai should have kept their conversation confidential but he told her parents and even blaming Kunal. Malini says she is an adult, she can take her life decisions. She doesn’t need his interference. Malini also praises Kunal’s personality and says how he is a genuine person. Desai gets offended and says he wants to leave Malini’s case. Malini says fine and leaves from there after apologising to Kunal.

Imlie and Nishant reach college. Imlie notices Pallavi is keeping some stuffs in the car. Imlie tries to help her and Pallavi says Imlie will be late for her exam. Imlie calls Nishant and tells him to help Pallavi in picking up the stuffs. Nishant agrees and he touches Pallavi’s hand by mistake while taking the cartons. Imlie says Pallavi is looking very pretty today, Nishant feels awkward. They get inside a room to place the cartons and Imlie leaves saying she will write the exam, she is getting late. Imlie later locks them inside knowingly.

Nishant and Pallavi look at each other. Malini is about to leave but Kunal stops her. He thanks her for how she took stand for him, Malini again says sorry to him. Kunal says Desai left the case so whom will she hire now? Malini says she will manage. Kunal then recommend his name to the latter saying he is the best lawyer. Malini denies. Kunal says he is not doing for free. He adds he is giving her support only. Malini thanks him and they shake hands.

Pallavi tries to open the door and calls for help. Nishant tries to phone but in vain. Nishant and Pallavi argue with each other. Pallavi understands Nishant is getting irritated as he didn’t have his breakfast. Nishant says he used to miss her food taste in USA. Pallavi taunts him why he didn’t change his taste then. She started asking him questions why he suddenly left her and didn’t bother to share what was her fault. Pallavi starts crying and says she can’t take it anymore. She really loves Nishant. Nishant feels helpless and tries to ignore her. But suddenly he falls unconscious. Pallavi gets shocked.

Imlie comes out of the exam hall happily. Malini says she is happy for her. She asks about Nishant. Imlie mentions Pallavi’s name saying she will cure Nishant, Pallavi works in her college canteen. Imlie says she can read people’s eyes, whether they are in love or not. Malini says Imlie is not right everytime, she tried to bring her and Aditya closer but it didn’t work. Imlie says hope in Nishant’s case she won’t be wrong. They go to see Nishant and Pallavi.

Imlie opens the door of store room and they hear Pallavi’s scream. Malini gets shocked to see Nishant in unconscious state. Pallavi says Nishant is not responding. Malini calls in the hospital. Imlie sits devastated.

Precap – Radha slaps Imlie for her act. Malini sides with Imlie and Radha tells her to stay away from their family matter

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