Imlie 1st November 2022 Written Update: Chini plans a surprise for Atharv

Imlie 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Atharv smiling at Imlie and he tells her sorry for behaving rudely with her earlier. She says this is natural, he needs time to accept her and they will have arguments, happiness and also they will love each other. Atharv says his heart is beating faster and it’s her fault that she came closer. She says she is also feeling nervous, it’s his fault.

Atharv tells her to get up and she gives her hand to help him. But realises it’s just her dream. She thinks she can’t get lost in his dreams but she needs him now. Rudra stops Atharv saying he didn’t tell the truth to him thinking he will get heartbroken but now he has to tell him everything Chini did. Rudra blurts out how Chini chose wealth over Arto and that’s her reality. Arto says he is a good liar thus he made a same old fake story about Chini. Arto says Imlie has a different reality too, Rudra says that’s cooked up by Chini for sure.

Arto says Chini is good for him, that will never change. He leaves house to meet her. Rudra says if he leaves then he will lose this house too. Arto says fine and he won’t be back now. Devika tries to stop him but in vain. Imlie notices Arto is leaving, she thinks what happened suddenly. Anu tells Chini that the latter is doing a great job, she can use Arto as her puppet. Rupy snatches the phone and scolds Chini for going to meet Arto. Chini says he is in her destiny and as per their wish Imlie and Atharv are married but there will be no love. Rupy says Imlie and Atharv are made for each other and Chini can’t change the truth.

Chini says she is already controlling Arto. Imlie thinks she should take advise from Chini or not. She gets call from Sundar and Rathores say that they are already missing her. Imlie asks for Chini and Rupy talks to her. Rupy says why she is alone in her first night. Imlie says Atharv left out of anger.

Rupy advises her to take the first step to start a relationship between her and Arto if he is feeling hesitant. Its her right. Imlie agrees, Rudra is worrying and Imlie asks him what is going on in his head? What happened to Arto? He apologises to her for his exit, he says he will bring back Arto. Imlie says now he is free from Atharv’s responsibility. She assures him she will bring him back no matter what. Imlie starts driving and there Chini hugs Jatin thinking he is Arto.

He shocks her saying he wants to impress her by doing something special as he didn’t do anything earlier. Chini says she deserves a rich partner, who will give her imported cars and huge money. Jatin can’t afford that with his middle class lifestyle. He feels insulted and leaves. Arto meets Chini and asks why she is in bridal attire. She says he wanted to see her in that so she wore. He gets surprised seeing the arrangements Chini made. They get romantic and Arto gets Imlie’s call. He gets pissed and there Imlie worries for him thinking he might take a wrong step.

Arto says Rudra told Chini took money from him, Chini convinces him with her emotional drama that everyone is misunderstanding her. Arto says he will never doubt her. Imlie got the money then what does she want now. Chini says she only needs his attention tonight. Imlie calls Arto and says she is missing him though he doesn’t want to see her. He says he won’t come. Chini hugs Arto saying she will prove him tonight she belongs to him only. Imlie heard some noise over phone and decides to reach Atharv

Episode ends

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