Imlie 20th January 2023 Written Update: Rupy scolds Chini for trying to separate Imlie and Arto

Imlie 20th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie observing Arto is passing by. She wonders he said he will practice music at home then what he is doing here. She gets confused and Chini notices her. Chini acts like falling sick and asks Arto to increase the car speed as she is not feeling well. Arto obliges and they reach home. Imlie fails to see Arto’s car. She reaches home and waits for Chini and Arto to come back. Arto asks Imlie why she was not answering the calls. Imlie says he doesn’t need to explain anything as she knows he has moved on. Imlie tells about the nail part of Chini she got near the fuse box. Imlie questions Chini in front of all family members that she is only responsible for the fire accident. Else what she was doing near the fuse box.

Chini says Imlie lost faith in her while she broke ties with Arto just for her sake. Chini says Imlie is lying, Arto sides with Imlie saying she never lies. Chini says she hates her life and Arto says he cant believe she burnt her own house. Chini goes to her room angrily and messes it up. She says she hates Imlie for what she did today. Abhishek calls her but she gets irked saying why he is so desperate. Abhishek calls Rupy and asks about Chini. Rupy says she knows Chini only argued with him. Abhishek says he will sort out the matter with her.

Arto tells Imlie that he still can’t believe Chini did all these. Imlie says proofs are against her. Arto says if she is hurt, Imlie says who cares if she remains upset. Arto says he cares for her and she knows why. Imlie says it would be his decision with whom he will spend his life. If he wants to stay with Chini then that’s okay. Chini meets Anu and the latter praises her for her plan. Chini says she was sitting in Arto’s car but Imlie interfered. Rupy comes and scolds Chini for crossing her line again. Rupy shows her text which she sent to Arto. She says Chini will stay away from Arto, she says why can’t she meet him as friends?

Rupy says why she wants to ruin Imlie and Arto’s marriage. Chini says they are already separated. Imlie hides her tears and Arto tells her if she will show her anger then it won’t affect her image. Arto tries to explain why he met Chini but Imlie says she doesn’t want to know about his life. Soon she will leave his house and this attachment will affect them both. Imlie and Arto both get emotional. Arto leaves and later Rudra asks the same thing to Imlie if she is upset seeing Arto with Chini. Imlie says Arto is just like his father. Rudra says he can see how much she is bothered by Arto and Chini.

Rupy tells Chini that only the latter is creating issues between Arto and Imlie when things are getting back to normal. Rupy takes Imlie to somewhere and Chini gets shocked seeing them. Anu asks her to do something. Chini executes her plan and a pelmet falls on Imlie and Rupy on their way in the house. Chini saves them. Doctor comes to check Chini and Rupy. Rudra wonders why the pelmet fall on its own.

Chini thinks now noone will throw her out of the house for some days. Rupy asks Chini if she made the pelmet fall off. Chini says why she doubts her all the time. She is not responsible for fire accident, or for any mishap. There Imlie makes soup for Chini and Arto asks her why she is so kind hearted that she can even help her enemy. Imlie says that’s her nature. Arto says she is the best, she smiles at him. He thinks he has to tell her about Chini’s text soon.

Episode ends

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