Imlie 21st April 2021 Written Update: Tripathis fail to stop Malini from leaving

Imlie 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The Episode starts with Malini saying she needs a break with Aditya. Aditya also agrees saying they should stay away from each other. Malini takes bag from Imlie. Imlie requests Malini to stay back. She requests Aditya to stop Malini but Aditya doesnt do anything. Imlie says sorry to Malini. Malini says she is not upset with her. Tripathis try to stop Malini from leaving. Radha says husband wife both should work on their relationship but Malini says they are now fed up. Aparna apologises to Malini on behalf of Aditya but Malini says she is missing her home.

Pankaj says it was not Malini’s fault. Rubi says she understands how it feels when you stay away from your husband. Dhruv tells Aditya why is he not doing anything to stop Malini. Aditya says Malini took the decision already. Malini thinks Aditya still is not trying to stop her. Imlie holds Malini’s leg and tells her not to go. Malini says her relationship became weak. She needs time to fix everything. Malini leaves. Imlie tells Aditya to stop Malini. Nishant does the same. Aditya says this time separation is right for him and Malini.

Aditya tells his family that they should now blame him only. Tripathis ask Aditya what’s the matter, he is not fine from some days. Aparna sits beside Aditya and asks about the truth. Aditya says she could ask the same question before as well. He would have told the truth. Imlie thinks if Aditya reveals the truth, everything will be finished. Imlie interrupts saying Aditya should talk to Malini now. Aditya says he is talking to his mother. Imlie will wait outside. Imlie keeps interfering and Aditya walks out of the room angrily saying he can’t talk to his family peacefully.

Malini hugs Dev and his mother. Dev asks if something is wrong between Malini and Aditya. Aditya is going somewhere again. Malini says Aditya is now a changed person. He hurt her several times.

Imlie tells Aditya he is doing wrong. Aditya says only by telling the truth things will be solved but Imlie is adamant. Imlie says Malini leaving the house is absolutely wrong. If Aditya doesn’t do anything, she will leave.

Dev tells Malini to keep trying. Malini says she can’t live with Aditya with all the tensions going on. Like how Dev lives with Anu. Malini says she is trying all the time but Aditya is not doing anything. Dev consoles Malini. Malini says Aditya doesn’t care she stays there or not. Dev and his mom get shock.

Meethi gets to know Satyakam is back. Meethi rushes to meet him to tell the truth. Satyakam recalls the slap and leaves from there ignoring Meethi. Meethi gets upset and thinks Imlie needs Satyakam’s help. Satyakam has to know the truth. He won’t be able to forgive himself. Meethi says she won’t wait for any man but she will find solution on her own. Meethi decides to go to Delhi. Prakash asks whats the need. Meethi says she will say Imlie deserves to get her right. Prakash says Imlie will be in trouble. Police can arrest Meethi for forcing Imlie and Aditya to get married to each other. Prakash tells Meethi to not complicate things.

Aparna cries and talks to Pankaj that she is feeling sad for Malini. What happened suddenly that Aditya is behaving this way. Imlie overhears and thinks this house is nothing without Malini. Why Babusaheb is getting the fact. Aparna recalls how Aditya used to praise Malini’s qualities that she is mature, grounded. Aparna says Malini and Aditya used to talk to each other for hours then why they can’t stay together now.

Precap- Rubi overhears Aditya and Imlie’s conversation. Rubi gets shocked knowing about their marriage in Pagdandiya. Aditya says if they hide the truth Malini will remain sad all the time.

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