Imlie 21st December 2022 Written Update: Abhishek offers lift to Imlie when her car crashes

Imlie 21st December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu telling Arto to convince Chini as such fights are common in relations. Arto agrees and Anu thinks she will now control him to execute her plan. Chini gets a text which states she got a booking in a five star hotel for dinner. She assumes Abhishek called her. She gets excited and gets ready to meet him. Imlie prays to God that hopefully her suspicion should be wrong. She notices Chini is leaving and Imlie follows her by her car. Chini sees Imlie is following her car. She gets scared thinking what if Imlie reveals the truth to Abhishek then he will reject her. Chini says she can’t let Imlie reach the restaurant. Chini causes Imlie crash her car. Chini smiles thinking Imlie should learn something from her. She can’t catch her.

Imlie feels she cant live with this doubt forever so she will clear it herself by going to check if Chini and Arto are lovers. She loses balance while driving and hits a tree. She comes out and checks the engine. She gets bit injured too. Arto is passing by and he sees someone’s car met with an accident. He says it looks like noone is wounded but if he goes to help he won’t be able to meet Chini. Imlie thinks she lost Chini now how would she reach her. There Rana’s miss Arto and Imlie’s presence in the house. Ginni suggests Rudra to go for dinner at a restaurant. They will call Arto and Imlie there too.

Rudra gives his consent. Arto reaches the restaurant and asks for his reservation. He calls Anu and asks whats the need to make such grand arrangements. Anu thinks Chini is just after his money. She acts like Arto should put his full efforts to convince Chini. What if it works this time. Arto says he is not backing out. He will try his best. He starts thinking about Imlie that the he lost the chance to seek forgiveness from her.

Arto says if he should talk to Imlie once, he then asks himself to focus on Chini instead of thinking about Imlie. He feels he lost a dear friend. He tries to call Imlie but the network is busy. He worries for her, there Imlie tries to take lift from some men but they start misbehaving with her. She runs away from them and they chase her. Imlie comes across running cars. Abhishek stops the car and asks her why she comes in front of his car all the time. He then gives her lift and saves her from the men.

Imlie thanks him for help. Abhishek shares with her how he is in love and will marry her soon. Imlie says not everyone is lucky to get their love. He advises her to go to a nearby clinic for treating her wound. Imlie says she is fine. Chini reaches the restaurant and gets delighted seeing the decorations. She thinks she is the luckiest of all. Arto repeatedly calls Imlie and the latter picks it up. Arto says he was trying to contact her since long. She asks but why? He says sorry for disturbing her but he was concerned as she doesn’t take proper care of herself. He felt like she is in danger. Imlie asks him not to show concern as the pain he gave her it will take time to heal. Arto feels bad for her.

Episode ends

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