Imlie 21st January 2023 Written Update: Chini scolds Abhishek for taking lmlie’s help

Imlie 21st January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto trying to tell Imlie about Chini’s text but Imlie says she is not his teacher thus he doesn’t need to give her all updates. He says she is his friend, she says she can guide him but can’t walk along with him. He has to decide what he wants in his life. She insists him to taste the khichdi but he denies. He then agrees, she feeds him one spoon and they share an eye lock.

Arto says it tastes simple yet delicious. She adds taste in everything but he couldn’t see her value earlier. Ginni tells Devika that she doesn’t trust Chini at all. Shivani says Chini is not that bad but Imlie is the reason why the pelmet fell off. Rudra asks her to stop blaming Imlie for everything. He says he still doubts Chini and will keep eyes on her.

Chini ignores Abhishek’s call and he sends a text to her asking if she is angry with him. She then acts like crying seeing Arto. She says she is in pain but Abhishek didn’t call her once to check upon her. Arto tries to cheer her up saying she might join the family to have food. Chini says she will go to restaurant with him soon. Chini sits beside Arto and takes Imlie’s place. Imlie says she is not bothered by her foolish act.

She sits on the couch to eat khichdi. Arto also goes to Imlie to eat the khichdi with her. Chini gets jealous seeing them. She sends a signal to Anu and the latter calls Imlie. Anu engages Imlie in nonsense conversation and pretends to be someone from Bhaskar Times. Imlie goes out for better network. Anu then pretends to be someone from her village. She confuses Imlie and the latter cuts the call saying she will talk to her later.

Anu fears thinking what if Imlie catches Arto with Chini. Chini gets ready to seduce Arto in her room and waits for him. She also drops a text to Arto saying she wants to talk to him. She opens the door and finds Abhishek. Abhishek assumes she wanted to surprise him, he says Imlie told him to sort out their issues. Chini asks him why he involved Imlie in their personal matter.

Imlie says she didn’t try to separate them but tried to unite them. There Arto says his life is getting complicated and he still can’t tell Imlie about Chini’s text. He recalls Imlie’s advise and goes to tell her the truth. Before he could tell her, Imlie says she knows about Abhishek and Chini’s argument and she brought them together. Ginni says this is the first Makar Sankranti for Imlie so they will celebrate it in a grand way.

Arto thinks atleast Imlie knows about Abhishek and Chini’s issues. He hopes Chini will stop texting him. There Chini asks Abhishek not to take Imlie’s help to convince her next time. Abhishek says she was not picking his calls then why would he put efforts all the time even when she is at fault. He leaves upset and Anu meets Chini.

Anu asks if Imlie caught her and Arto together. Chini says Imlie again flopped her plan, Anu says she feels like kidnapping Imlie sometimes. Chini notices Imlie and Arto. Imlie holds a plate filled with red colour. She bumps into Arto and the latter’s face gets coloured. Imlie and Ginni tease him and he also applies colour on Imlie’s face and by mistake it fills her hairline too. They feel awkward and Chini gets irked.

Episode ends

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