Imlie 21st November 2022 Written Update: Arto asks Imlie to go on a date with him

Imlie 21st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arto checking that his pendrive is missing, that’s a different pendrive. Chini recalls she exchanged it. Arto apologises to Mr Mehta and tells him to wait, he will bring the right pendrive. Mr Mehta says he is getting late, he will hear his music some other day. Imlie also requests Mr Mehta to wait but Chini says she is wasting producer’s time. Imlie says Arto will present live music now. Arto says he is a DJ not a singer. Imlie says she has an idea. She brings some containers and Chini asks her why she wants to ruin Arto’s image in front of producer.


Imlie explains whats her plan, she tells the members to play rhythmic music with the kitchen utensils. She says everyone has talent and they will help Arto to present the music. Arto plays music at last and the producer gets delighted. He calls Arto talented and asks him to give dates of the concert for his event. Arto thanks him and Rudra notices all that. Imlie goes to Rudra and says happily Arto got the project. Rudra is not happy but he leaves being disappointed with Imlie. Imlie offers sweets to Mr Mehta. Arto hugs Imlie and thanks her again. His siblings tease them. Imlie says she is like that.

Devika tells Arto that he should take Imlie out for dinner, he should make her feel special. Arto asks Imlie to go out with him. Chini feels insecure thinking they are going on a date. She takes Arto aside and scolds him for taking Imlie out on a date. He says its just a gesture to thank her as she helped him today. But he only has feelings for Chini. He tells Chini to relax, Anu meets her and Chini says how Imlie and Arto are getting closer and they are going out too. Anu advises Chini to create misunderstanding between them so that they have no choice left but leaving each other.

Chini goes to talk to Imlie and acts like she is upset because Imlie didn’t take her opinion to select dress for date. Imlie says it’s not a date but they are knowing each other. Chini chooses a saree for her. Imlie and Arto get ready and Chini thinks they are total mismatch for each other. Imlie is overly dressed and Arto isn’t. She acts like sleeping seeing Imlie. Imlie tells Chini to get proper rest. Chini thinks today will be memorable for Imlie as her date will be ruined.

Precap- Arto saves Chini from a danger and he scolds lmlie for being irresponsible. He says he was wrong that Imlie takes care of everyone. Imlie gets teary

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