Imlie 21st September 2021 Written Update: Imlie gets suspended from college

Imlie 21st September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya telling Imlie she couldn’t prove anything so she will apologise to Malini right now else he won’t talk to her. Malini struggles to handle Anu and the latter laughs continuously. Imlie comes out and Malini says she doesn’t want to talk to her. She can’t become Malini by wearing her saree. Anu spills the truth that Malini had to become Imlie that night as she had no other choice.

Imlie gets shocked to hear that and Malini puts Anu in car. Imlie stops Malini from leaving and the latter warns her to not misbehave with her. Imlie says Anu will tell the whole truth and she will talk to her. Aditya comes and Imlie gets restless. Malini tells him to handle his wife as she was attacking Anu and Aditya holds Imlie tightly.

Imlie keeps on saying Anu just told the truth and Aditya should not interrogate her. But Malini says if Imlie comes close to Anu ever again she will file police complaint against her. Malini leaves. Aditya tells Imlie he sent her to apologise to Malini but she made things worse. Imlie pleads him to talk to Anu but Aditya takes her inside.

Aditya drops Imlie in college and says he can’t take risk with her studies. Imlie says why can’t he trust her words. Aditya says Imlie helped Satyakam escape when he attacked him and there was proof too but now she doesn’t have proof against Malini still she is accusing her. Aditya leaves. Imlie gets upset thinking she is fighting for Aditya but he is not supporting her.

Malini gives medicine to Anu and says she should have been careful. Anu says sorry and tells her that she didn’t imagine Imlie will be this cunning and she even kidnapped her. Malini says she knows what to do now. She leaves for college. In Aditya’s office employees discuss about Aditya’s two marriages. They say that Aditya is acting like a victim and in future he will bring trouble for them too. They can’t work together with him.

Aditya’s boss tells everyone to work without gossiping. His boss tells Aditya to come to his cabin. Aditya says he can talk to him in front of everyone. His boss fires him fearing a bad reputation to the company due to his court case. Aditya says he invested his ten years behind this company and took several risks to make stories. How can he forget that and fire him on the basis of some social media trolls. This is not done. His boss says its the decision of board of directors. He can’t help Aditya. Aditya gives his ID card to him.

Imlie goes to college and some students accuse her of putting false allegations on their professor Malini. Imlie says guilty should be punished and the allegations are not false. One student insults Imlie’s family and the latter loses her calm and grabs his collar. She says its about her family reputation and noone can talk ill about that. One professor stops Imlie and tells her to meet Principal.

Aditya’s enters his cabin and takes all the awards and medals. He feels nostalgic remembering his achievements and leaves the office. Professors tell Principal that they can’t teach a student like Imlie. They will go on a strike. Principal scolds Imlie for including his college in every scandal. He tells her to not frame Malini unnecessarily as she can’t do anything wrong. She tells Imlie to apologise to Malini.

Malini comes in and acts like she is worried for Imlie’s future and she pleads the Principal to not destroy her career. One professor says Imlie is venting out her frustration on Malini. Principal says Imlie will become another Satyakam if they don’t stop her. He decides to suspend Imlie.

Imlie says this is her dream and she came here with lots of hope. He can’t suspend her. She pleads him but Principal gives suspension letter to her. He says everything is decided now Imlie can’t study in this college. Imlie recalls Satyakam’s words and gets heartbroken.

Imlie thinks Tripathis are not supporting her and now her college also rejected her. She gets disheartened. Malini leaves Principal’s office and meets Imlie. She says Imlie shouldn’t have attacked Anu like that. Imlie did wrong to her now she will also suffer. Imlie says she always wanted to see Malini’s happy face. If Malini is happy seeing her tears then also it’s fine. Malini says she snatched everything from Imlie now she is alone. She doesn’t have the scholarship too. Imlie says but I believe in myself, I’ll find proof against you and will win the case. She tells Malini to bless her and leaves. Malini looks on.

Precap – Aditya lashes out at Imlie saying his only dream of being a good reporter has now gone to waste. Because of Imlie he lost his existence too. Imlie stands shocked.

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