Imlie 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Malini asks Imlie to make designs in her hands

Imlie 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie watching Aditya and Malini re doing puja together. Inlie feels extremely bad to see them together doing puja. Imlie slowly going from there and while going she looks back and cries. Imlie comes in a corner and his rude words are haunting her always. She wipes off her tears and sits in a kitchen area. Meethi back in village takes the ticket and tears it into pieces. Alka comes and asks if your preparations for going out and meeting Imlie is done??? She says there must be some other way for me to meet my daughter. I will not go to city with Satyakam because he also thinks of me in a negative way.

Satyakam comes and asks Meethi why you want to meet that uncle? Imlie is cleaning the room when she hears crying sound of someone and notices Rupali is crying sitting in a corner and she is looking at her marital dress and is crying. Imlie asks her change the dress if you don’t like it. She says will changing dress make my fate change? She says to Imlie that this is my marital lehenga and real work is done on it.

My mom was worried that if I can take weight of this dress? I carried off the dress really well but was unable to manage my relationship. Imlie says to her that due to your marriage the good thing happened to you in the form of Twinkle. Rupali smiles and says to Imlie you are so minor but still manages to have a good knowledge about things and leaves from there. Imlie also feels bad for herself but then she stands up and resorts to doing work again. Malini’s cousin brother comes in the house to celebrate the marriage if his sister and also to enjoy the parties.

Later on, Imlie is doing work with all when they ask her about henna paste and she describes how they used to make paste of henna for bride and they asks her to make one for Malini and she agrees. Imlie is making paste when Rupali’s father comes there and says we went to give a card to Rupali’s in-law house. They are nice people but Rupali is their daughter-in-law so she can never be more dear to them than their son. Aditya comes there and again taunts Imlie. Imlie replies I am just a househelp sir, what will I gain by wining their hearts? If a daughter-in-law can’t be a family member even after doing everything then how can I expect anything being a maid?

Later the mehendi person cancelled her booking due to personal reasons. Aparna and others stars to get worried for their mehendi function, Aditya’s mother asks Imlie to do it and she agrees but Mrs. Chaturvedi gets angry again but Malini comes forward and asks Imlie to do her mehendi because she thinks Imlie is lucky for Malini and her wishlists. Everyone in the house Hall is surprised and shocked too.

Precap – Aditya and Malini are dancing together in the mehendi function.

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