Imlie 22nd February 2024 Written Update: Sonali informs the family about the house owner

Imlie 22nd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie tells Surya that she will not allow him to success in his plan. Surya tells Imlie that he will break all the walls. Imlie tells Surya that this house is Amma Ji’s dream and she will not allow him to take the house. Surya tells Imlie that she will see tomorrow how he will buy the house infront of her eyes.Malti arrives at the same time. Malti tells Surya that the house is very beautiful. Imlie calls her friend to investigate of Surya.

Binni walks down from the stairs and ask Paro that whom she was talking to. Paro tells Binni that she was serving the tea to the guest. Amma ji calls for her medicine but Binni and Imlie replied at the same time.
Malti ask Surya that he wants to buy the house and how she know that girl. Surya tells Malti that he will get to know about Raghu from that home.

Binni tells Imlie that why she replies to Amma ji because she is not the daughter in law of this house. Imlie tells Binni that it’s her responsibility to take care of the family members and she is aware that she is pregnant. Binni ask Imlie that how she knows about her pregnancy. Imlie tells Binni that cleaning lady always know everything. Imlie tells Binni to take rest and she will give the medicine to Amma ji.

Amma ji feels bad for Paro because she will have to leave the job tomorrow because they are leaving the house and they don’t know where they will go. Imlie tells Amma ji to don’t worry and have trust in God. Amma ji tells Imlie that she inform auction committee that she don’t the auction in the house. Amma ji tells Imlie to pray behalf on herself because the God has stop listening her prayers. Imlie gets a call from her friend that she has investigate everything about Surya and Imlie ask her friend to come with her to his home. Binni sees that Imlie comes to meet her friends outside the house and she is not Paro.

Imlie and her friends arrives at Surya’s residence. Imlie wants Surya’s phone because she wants to delete the message from his phone regarding the auction.
Surya tells Malti to open the room and have the dinner. Amma tells Surya that why did he didn’t took the permission to buy the house. Imlie’s friends tells her to think before she takes any step. Imlie tells her friends that she is doing for a good cause. Surya tells Amma that he is doing for Malti and suddenly he gets a panic attack. Malti opens the gate. Amma taunts for his panic attack. Malti tells Amma that why she always taunts him. Surya tells Amma that he is taking the house in her name. Malti tells Surya to ahbe the medicine. Imlie finds the auction message in Surya’s phone and she delete the message but suddenly Surya comes in his room and Imlie hides in Surya’s room.

Binni called everyone in the hall to tell about Paro to them
Imlie quietly tries to leave the house with her friends but suddenly Imlie collides with a table which disturb Surya and wakes him up. Surya tries to see that who is in the room but he finds no one.
Imlie thanks her friends to helping her and tells them to message her when they reach their home.

Binni tells Paro that she was waiting for her but suddenly Imlie takes her real name Rashmi infront of everyone. Binni stops herself. Rajni tells Binni that she wants to tell something about Paro but Paro tells everyone that she will also tells something about Rashmi. Binni tells everyone that she is impressed with Paro’s work. Amma ji tells everyone to take rest in their room. Binni tells Imlie that she cannot blackmail her. Imlie tells Binni that she is not here to blackmail her because she has important work to do. Imlie suggest Binni to stay quiet and live in this house for free otherwise she will expose her infront of everyone.

In the next morning, everyone comes outside the house. Amma ji tells Paro to clean the house regularly. Amma ji tells Paro that this house was precious for her. Imlie calls Sonali that she has stop the auction. Sonal tells Imlie that someone wants to buy the house. Imlie tells herself that she is waiting for Surya and she will make her life hell.

Precap-Sonali tells everyone about the house owner. The Chaudhary’s sees Agasyta look alike Surya infront of them. Surya tells Imlie that he will take everything of Agasyta

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