Imlie 22nd June 2021 Written Update : Imlie convinces Aditya to act like a Punjabi

Imlie 22nd June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Aditya going to Nishant’s room. Nishant says he doesn’t want to have food after all the drama. Aditya says he is here to scold him. Imlie overhears their talk. Aditya says we all will die sooner or later, our death doesnt define us. But what we do when we are living are important. Aditya says Nishant loves Pallavi so if he marries her he will get the strength to fight cancer.

Nishant shares his pain saying he has been suffering all these years and now he accepted the truth. He says he already lost everything and now he wants a peaceful life with his family. Nishant adds he can’t make Pallavi happy, can’t give her those things which she deserves. Nishant urges Aditya to fulfil his last wish.

Aditya walks out of the room and gets emotional. Imlie consoles him. Aditya hugs her and breaks down. Imlie says she has a solution and everything is fair in love and war. Aditya gets ready to listen to Imlie.

Imlie makes Aditya look like a Punjabi. Aditya looks into the mirror and gets shocked. He says he can’t act like that. Imlie makes him understand that its necessary else Nishant wont understand how much he loves Pallavi. Imlie says Aditya will flirt with Pallavi in his disguised look and Nishant will get jealous, he will realize he can’t afford to lose Pallavi. Right now he is not thinking from heart.

Aditya says Nishant can recognise him easily, Imlie should not watch daily soaps, it affected her deeply. He is award winning reporter. He cant do this. Imlie says just how he changes his look during a sting operation this time also he can do this to convince his brother. Later Imlie says Aditya also told her to marry another person but then he couldn’t see her with someone else. Aditya tells her to change the name Imlendar Singh. Imlie says it won’t change. Aditya gets annoyed.

Imlie tells Tripathis that she wants to introduce someone to them. Aditya hesitates to enter. He comes and everyone stares at him. Tripathis start laughing. Aditya tells Imlie I told you , they will catch me. Now they are laughing at me. Imlie explains her plan unite Nishant and Pallavi. Aditya says this plan is flop. Rupy says Aditya needs a proper makeover. Pankaj and Harish tell acting is not Aditya’s cup of tea. Pankaj tells Aditya about formula to become an actor.

Harish tells Pankaj to make it easier. Aditya finds it difficult to act. Harish teases Pankaj and Aparna laughs at him. Aditya is asked to talk like a Punjabi. Aditya fails to do it. Pankaj teaches him how to behave like a Punjabi. Aditya tells him to keep his volume low.

Aditya finally learns it everyone gets happy. Aparna tells him to walk in Sardaar style. She gives Pankaj’s shirts to him to wear. Sundar gives him some stuffs too. Aditya says this won’t work, why can’t they understand. Imlie says you promised me now you can’t back off.

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PrecapAditya aka Imlendar meets Pallavi and Nishant along with Imlie. He says Pallavi likes him and he likes her. Nishant looks jealous. Aditya suddenly talks in his real voice and Imlie gets shocked.

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