Imlie 23rd December 2020 Written Update: Imlie eats food bought by the grandmother of Malini

Imlie 23rd December 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie is asked to do the mehendi of Malini while Mrs. Chaturvedi gets angry on them for approaching Imlie about but Malini comes forward and says she would like to wear mehendi by Imlie only. Malini’s grandmother says she wants to feed a poor girl as a part of the ritual and that’s why she wants Imlie to eat the food. Everyone gets conscious with such a demand and feels sorry and awkward for Imlie but she manages things on her own and says to them that making some eat is good thing and you just want to feed me by yourself and if for the happiness of Malini and Aditya eating this is important? Then I will definitely have the food for you all. She takes the plate and eats the food completely while Aditya is noticing everything from a fair distance.

Malini’s grandmother gets impressed by Imlie and she blesses her to be happy, healthy and success life. The ladies of Tripathis also praises Imlie. She eats the food kept on the plate and she says to all she will be coming in the hall shortly. Someone asked something liquid for Imlie so that she can drink. Shashank who already spiked the entire drink is smiling standing in a corner that now the real party will begin. Imlie feels odd while drinking but drinks the whole juice in a go but she is not feeling well at all.

Aditya asks Shashank to leave from kitchen as he will bring Imlie to the hall area. Shashank asks him to go and he will handle her. Aditya says she is our house help and you are my guest hence you should go out. Aditya asks Imlie what she is doing and why but Imlie who is unable to understand anything right now says to him why all the time you keep scolding me like I am always wrong.

.You always taunt me about our marriage but trust me I will be the last fool of this world to make you my husband at any stage of life. It was my misfortune that I got stuck with you and I have to deal with an oversmart jerk like you. Due to the effect of alcohol she is unable to walk or stand properly but Aditya is asking her to stand properly and do what is asked from her without making a single scene today. Imlie comes to the hall to apply mehendi on the hands of Malini but she is not able to concentrate and open her eyes and the design is spoiled.

Sundar comes to offer drinks to all and Aditya understand that someone spiked the juice and asks Sundar not to serve it to anyone and instruts him to go inside. Imlie feels sick and she literally vomiting in front of all and is continuously coughing. Mrs.Chaturvedi calls Imlie irresponsible and says she purposely ruined the mehendi of my daughter and to save the budget you asked her to do it? If you people save budget or unable to arrange then you could have told me then I will arrange one myself . She starts to scold Imlie and all are looking at her while managing Imlie.

Precap – The Haldi ceremony of Aditya and Malini is going on.