Imlie 23rd February 2024 Written Update: Surya is Agasyta’s twin brother?

Imlie 23rd February 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya comes to Chaudhary’s Mansion for the auction but he didn’t find anyone. Imlie locks the door and tells Surya that she wants to see him whole house. Surya tells Imlie that he will buy the house today. Imlie tells Surya that the auction venue has been change and she throws the keys outside the window so that Surya can’t go out. Imlie gets a call from Sonal that no one has come for the auction and the auction seem to be cancelled today.

Imlie tells Sonali that in meantime they will get some time to take back the house with themselves but suddenly Malti arrives in the auction. Malti tells the auction caller that she have come for the auction in the behalf of Surya Pratap Reddy. Everyone gets shock to see Malti. Imlie hears on the phone about Malti and she aslo gets surprise to hear.

Surya shows a smile to Imlie and try to snatch her phone. Surya tells Imlie that Radha Rani has shown the miracle and she should think before entering a police officer house. Surya return back Imlie’s nose pin which she left last night in his home. Surya thanks Imlie for saving his money because his sister is in the only person in the auction and she will the buy the house in cheap price. Imlie tells Surya that she will not make this happen and she will do something. Surya reminds Imlie that she has thrown the keys outside.

The bids starts between Malti and Sonali.
Imlie tries to escape from the house and Surya starts irritating Imlie. Imlie finds a open window but Surya locks the window and tells her that she will not go anywhere.
Mano also joins the auction to save the house but Malti makes the high bid but Govind aslo join the bid. Malti makes the bid high and she gets the house in the name of Surya Pratap Reddy.
Surya tells Imlie that his sister has buy the home. Surya tells Imlie that how will Amma ji will react when she will come to know that a person who look alike their Gattu will pushes them out of the house.

Imlie requests and folds her hands to leave to the house. Surya tells Imlie that she begging for those who are not her own but he don’t want to lose. Surya tells Imlie that he will not go anywhere without meeting Agasyta’s family. Surya opens the door with Imlie’s hair pin. The Chaudhary’s arrives in the house. Binni tells Paro to bring water for everyone. Surya gives a surprise to Chaudhary’s by coming infront. Amma ji comes and touches Surya because she thinks that her Gattu is back. Amma ji gets unconscious but Surya holds her. Sonali ask Imlie that who is he. Imlie tells Sonali that he is not Agasyta. Imlie tells Sonali that this man is not good. Mano ask Alka that how it can be possible that two men are with same faces but have no connections.

Alka remember that she has stolen a baby in the past. Surya introduce himself to the Chaudhary’s and tells them that he is new in Purwaiya but he wants to know that why there are surprise to see him. Surya ask Govind that who was Gattu. Govind shows the picture of Agasyta to Surya. Surya tells Govind that he can’t believe. Surya tells Govind that if he knows earlier about them then he will not buy the house. Govind tells Surya that they will leave the house today but Surya tells Govind to leave the house tomorrow. Amma ji tells Surya that he is a very kind but he wants him to stay here for the night with them.

Precap-Surya brings a umbrella for Imlie but Imlie tells Surya that she will save the Chaudhary’s from his evil eyes.

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