Imlie 23rd January 2023 Written Update: Imlie asks Arto to meet Chini in private

Imlie 23rd January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini telling Imlie that Arto really gave her very much importance in last few days that’s why she feels he couldn’t forget her yet. Chini adds they are each other’s life and they can’t move on that easily. Chini says it’s a test for Imlie whether she truly wants the best for her friend or not. If she will unite two lovers then she will prove herself to be the real friend of Arto. She asks Imlie to fix a meeting for her and Arto. Imlie finds herself in dilemma and goes back to the Lohri Puja.

Everyone walks around the fire and performs the puja. Devika tells about a ritual which if a couple takes round of the holy fire then they are together for seventy lives. Devika asks Imlie to take the round and Arto feels he has to talk to Imlie to know what Chini told her. Her dupatta gets stuck with his watch and he also takes round along with her. Devika tells Rudra that they both performed the auspicious ritual. Imlie thinks a friends’ duty is to wish good for each other then why she is not happy hearing Chini’s idea. If Chini and Arto get united then that won’t be wrong. There Arto thinks he will clear Imlie’s misunderstanding.

Chini tells Anu that she used Imlie in such a way now she will put efforts to bring her and Arto closer. Anu says she feels proud of Chini for handling the situation really well. Arto tells Imlie in a room that he repeatedly tried telling her about Chini’s texts but the latter didn’t let him speak or she got busy. He says he feels he again hurt Imlie and she should leave him. He again proved that he is a bad husband and even a bad friend. He blames himself and Imlie calms him down saying she didn’t question him or doubted him. She is happy that he tried to tell her the truth. He says he is tired of Chini. Imlie says Chini wants to meet him and if he too wants the same? He says why she wants him to meet Chini? If Chini wants to tell something then she will tell it in front of Imlie. Imlie says he should meet Chini privately.

Imlie adds she knows how does it feel to not get the person you love. So she will not separate two lovers. Arto says he wants to move on from his past holding lmlie’s hands. She is his best friend. Imlie asks him to choose one finger of her which will decide if he should meet Chini or not. Arto selects one finger and Imlie thinks in mind that she will never come between Arto and Chini. If they are true lovers then they should get united. Imlie tells Arto that he will meet Chini, Arto gets upset hearing that. She asks him why he is not happy? He remains silent and adds if he can stay in her room. She replies they will part ways so it would be wrong to get attached. She asks him to leave.

Precap- Imlie dances with Arto and the latter proposes to Imlie saying he loves everything about her. Her scolding, her words. Chini hears that.

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