Imlie 23rd July 2021 Written Update : Aditya misunderstands Malini

Imlie 23rd July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anu saying they can’t wait for Aditya and Imlie anymore. Aditya and Imlie will be disqualified. Malini gets pissed and decides to leave Tripathi house. She thinks this divorce is important for Aditya but he is not showing interest. Now she can’t wait for him. Kunal calls Malini and asks why will she come with Aditya, he is waiting for their arrival in court.

Malini says Aditya didn’t call her back and didn’t even agree to go with her for the session. She arranged all the paperwork and everything but Aditya can’t even show up on time. Kunal asks her why she went to Tripathi house again. Malini says she is not in the mood to hear his lecture. It’s Aditya’s fault. Imlie tells Sundar about something and the latter opens the door of Aditya’s room. Aditya comes out and Sundar asks him who locked him inside. Aditya leaves with the ghunghroo.

Imlie starts dancing on stage on Radha kayse na jale song. She wears mask of Aditya on backside of her face. She gives a solo performance being male and female both. Everyone claps for her for the unique idea.

Malini talks to Kunal over phone that Aditya is wasting her time and not taking their divorce seriously so she will also waste his time. Aditya overhears the last sentence and misunderstands Malini. He says how can she lock him to waste his time when this is such an important day for Imlie. She ruined everything. Malini looks confused. Aditya goes near stage but finds out Imlie’s performance is over. Anu taunts Imlie saying she is still disqualified as Aditya didn’t perform with her.

Imlie replies to Anu that my husband is always with me as we are connected to each other by heart, we don’t need to be together necessarily everytime. Judges tell Imlie that her performance was perfect but they can’t change the rules for her. They declare Prachi as the winner. Aditya says sorry to Imlie for not performing with her. She lost the competition because of him. Imlie says his support matters to her, this loss didn’t affect her.

Malini notices Anu and asks her why she became the judge and interfering in Aditya and Imlie’s lives. Aditya says he is disappointed with Malini for her childish act. She locked him just because a simple session date. Aditya says today Malini proved she is Anu’s daughter and not his friend. Malini gets shocked and Anu leaves with her.

Prachi’s mother in law taunts Aparna and says she got such a talented maid who even knows how to dance. Later Aparna and Radha discuss that they did the right thing by locking Aditya in room to avoid all the criticism. Aparna says Aditya should realise his mistake. Aditya gets shocked to hear that. He asks Aparna how can she do it to her son. Aparna says he also betrayed his family and Malini. So being his mother she taught him lesson.

Aparna adds, she loves her family and can go to any extent to save their respect which Aditya ruined after marrying Imlie. Imlie says she is putting all efforts to save her family respect only then why it doesn’t matter to Aparna. Aparna replies she will never like to see the trophy in Imlie’s hand. Aditya says Imlie is getting taunts and facing trouble just to win Aparna’s trust. Aparna says she didn’t tell Imlie to impress her. Imlie can go back to village. Aditya then tells Imlie about his misunderstanding and they both go to apologise to Malini.

Anu instigates Malini against Aditya and Imlie. Anu says Malini always try to defend them but the truth is they are only using Malini. Malini sacrificed everything for Imlie but in return Aditya accused her. Aditya and Imlie are shameless. Aditya and Imlie come to talk to Malini but Anu says Malini should go with her instead of hearing Aditya’s excuses. Malini leaves ignoring Aditya.

Imlie thinks everyone is getting upset because of the competition. Aditya sends voice notes and messages to Malini. He tells Imlie that he again hurt Malini and misunderstood her. He can’t even become her good friend. Now Malini is not replying to his messages and doesn’t want to contact him anymore. Malini gets upset thinking Aditya doesn’t care about her existence anymore. That’s why he accused her like that.

Precap – Imlie says she can’t win the competition as in next competition Aparna has to participate. Aparna overhears that and thinks she will participate to disqualify Imlie.

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