Imlie 24th February 2021 Written Update: Anu insults Imlie saying she can’t snatch Malini’s happiness

Imlie 24th February 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Imlie sharing her pain but Meethi loves her a lot. She feels blessed that she got so much love. Tripathis also get emotional. Nishant tells Imlie to cut the cake. Rupy tells Imlie to make a birthday wish. Imlie closes her eyes but she sees Aditya. She then opens her eyes and cuts the cake.

She feeds it to everyone. She receives gifts from them.Sundar also gives present to her. Dhruv says he already gifted her. Sundar says I didn’t know that its her birthday today. Malini gives her a hug. Seeing Dev’s gift Imlie says its really huge. Imlie says is it real gold? She cant take it as its really expensive.

Aditya wonders why Dev mom gave Imlie costly gift. Malini tells she deserves to get this. Dev mom says she made it for Imlie especially. Anu enters and says it means you lied to me. She gets angry on her. Anu says I came here to make everyone happy but you disappointed me. Imlie sheds tears. Anu says how can Imlie snatch Malini’s right from her?

Imlie is like dust in front of Malini. How dare she took Malini’s thing. Dev says her mom brought chain for Malini as well. Anu throws it away. She again insults Imlie. Aditya tells Imlie to return the chain to Anu. Malini stops him and says now she is ready to answer her mom. Dev says enough is enough. Then then leave.

Malini cries thinking about Imlie. She tells everytime I apologize to Imlie but my mother ruins everything. Now I can’t face Imlie to say sorry. Aditya says don’t feel guilty. Anu has some other problem. Malini insists him so that he goes to talk to Imlie.

Aditya consoles Imlie seeing her crying face. Imlie says I admit I commit mistakes and I am not that innocent. I ruin your vital work but that doesn’t mean everyone will come and insult me randomly. I have tolerated a lot. Aditya says sorry to her saying he did wrong with her. He says he will rectify his mistakes as well. He then tells Imlie to get up. He keeps his hands on Imlie and tells her to close her eyes. Malini follows them.

Aditya asks Imlie can she give him one chance to have a fresh start. Imlie smiles. She and Aditya enter his room together. Malini thinks about Dev mom’s words that husband wife enter house leaving their right footsteps together. Malini changes her expression. Aditya Imlie look at each other.

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