Imlie 24th July 2021 Written Update: Imlie quits the game seeing Aparna in discomfort

Imlie 24th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Aditya that Malini is mature, she will forgive him. Malini thinks how can Aditya even think that she will avenge him by locking him in a room. Malini says she doesn’t want to understand Aditya but does she really want to divorce him by accepting his relationship with Imlie. Malini gets lost in thoughts. Aditya tells Imlie she will win in the final round. Imlie says its not possible as Aparna won’t be ready to participate with her. Aparna comes there at that time and overhears their conversation. She thinks she will participate for sure to disqualify Imlie.

Host declares the names of the finalists, Imlie and Prachi. Host says mother in law and daughter in law will participate in this round as their bond should be strong. Aparna thinks Imlie should leave their house as soon as possible. Anu thinks she is not the only one who hates Imlie, now even Tripathis hate her. It will be easier to defeat Imlie. Prachi and her mother in law practice before going on stage. Aditya tells Imlie about Aparna’s education and achievements. Imlie says she is staying with Aparna from so many days, she knows her well. Prachi’s mother in law asks Aparna to come on stage and mocks Imlie.

Aparna thinks she will go on stage to prove Imlie can not be her daughter in law not even in worst dreams. She goes on stage and Nishant says thank god she agreed else Aditya would have gone to stage in saree. Host explains the rules of quiz competition. He says if daughter in law gives wrong answer then mother in law will eat chillies. Host asks Imlie about Aparna’s date of birth and she recalls one incident where Aparna told about her birth date. She writes the right answer and Aparna gets surprised to see that. Aparna thinks does Imlie really know everything about her.

Prachi gives two right answers. Anu asks next question to Imlie that what is most important for Aparna. Imlie recalls Aparna said once, family is really important for her. She writes family but Aparna says its trust for her. She won’t trust any stranger from now on. Imlie gets shocked to hear that. Aparna says family was vital for her before but now trust is important for her. She eats chillies. Pallavi says why Anu is asking tough questions to Imlie when the Anu is asking easy questions Prachi.

Prachi gives one wrong answer. Her mother scolds her and eats chillies. Anu asks what is Aparna’s memorable in life. Imlie writes giving birth to Aditya’s. But Aparna writes his son’s real marriage is the memorable day for her. Imlie gets shocked and Aparna eats chillies. Imlie asks her to stop eating, she will get health issues. Imlie stops Aparna from torturing her. But Aparna says she won’t accept Imlie. Aparna adds I will prove it to you that you can’t become the winner.

Imlie gets teary. Aditya says Aparna is giving wrong answers knowingly to make Imlie lose. Why can’t she accept Imlie. Pankaj says Imlie losing the game will be best for Tripathis. Aditya should understand it. Imlie tells Anu that she wants to quit midway as she can’t see Aparna in pain. She doesnt want to win. Anu says it means you will be disqualified if you doesn’t give answers. Imlie says she can lose the game for Aparna’s sake. Rupy tells Imlie not to but in vain.

Precap – Anu says she wants to announce the loser’s name first in the competition. She says biggest loser is Imlie who is the maid of Tripathis. Imlie comes to her angrily. Anu gets shocked.

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