Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Update: Chini gets mad at Imlie for ruining her date with Arto

Imlie 25th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chini telling Arto that she didn’t have wrong intention. Arto says he is also an artist and he understands how much Imlie loves her mother and for her she used to write the poems but Chini shouldn’t have snatched the credits from her. Chini says she did all these to get him and she didn’t think much that time. She heard he loves Shayara’s poems so she lied to him. But why he is lying to himself that he forgot her. He should accept that he loves Chini. Arto looks uninterested and he goes to call Imlie. Chini thinks she is not here to know Arto’s praises for Imlie. Imlie leaves for that location where the fake money providers are doing illegal business.

Imlie avoids Arto’s call as she doesn’t want to get distracted. She enters the spa and says she wants to do pedicure but the receptionist says it’s closed now. Imlie looks for the hidden factory where the illegal work is happening. She finds them at last that they are printing fake notes. A stuff falls down by mistake and those men chase her. She runs away and gets stuck inside a cold chamber. Those men reduce the temperature to kill her. Before Imlie could receive Arto’s call the phone falls down in a corner. Imlie tries to pick it up.

Chini thinks Arto’s taste has become bad that’s why he is just thinking about Imlie. She proposes to Arto to distract her. Arto gets shocked hearing her words and Imlie answers finally. She tells about her location and Arto asks her not to give up. He is coming. She says he doesn’t have to come here, she adds she can’t breathe. Arto rushes to reach her and Chini feels this is such an insult for her. Anu gets shocked knowing Arto completely ignored her and was calling Imlie. Chini says Imlie always lands in trouble, she ruined everything. Abhishek calls her and asks her to focus on their wedding. Chini says she also wants to forget their fight. Anu tells her to cancel her marriage with Abhishek. Chini says but Arto is showing no interest so she needs Abhishek for back up.

Anu tells her to find out whats going on between Arto and Imlie. Imlie says Arto called her fighter so she can’t lose hope. She struggles to speak, she says she won’t be able to meet Arto it seems. She will die before that, Arto breaks the glass in the meantime and lifts her up. He safely takes her out and asks her how is she? Imlie tells him to leave and he makes her drink water.

Arto scolds Imlie for taking risk for the assignment. It’s not important more than her life. Why she never listens to his advise. Imlie records a video as an evidence. The men come there and threaten Imlie. They ask for the evidence but Imlie says she will send it to the cops. Arto says if they try to touch Imlie then he will kill them. He is like Imlie’s shadow. He says Imlie is a fighter and he needs five minutes to teach them a lesson. Arto beats them black and blue. Imlie tries to save Arto and says he knows why she is taking risk for him. One goon breaks a bottle on Arto’s head. Cops arrive and they thank Arto and Imlie for their help. The goons get arrested.

Episode ends

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