Imlie 25th June 2022 Written Update: Imlie gets Aryan released from the lock up

Imlie 25th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aryan telling about his problem with Imlie. Kairi thinks he listened to her despite being angry that’s a good thing. She smiles and Aryan asks her did she drink alcohol. He scolds her for coming to police station after consuming alcohol. How can she be Imlie’s friend? Imlie is not like her. Kairi says if he believes she is so good then why can’t he trust her.

Aryan’s lawyer comes and says he brought court orders but the inspector is not giving bail to Aryan. So he has to stay in the lock up tonight. Jyoti asks Harry why is he leaving? He can’t be fearless this soon. He says he snatched her true love and got Aryan arrested for trying kill Madhav. Jyoti is shocked to know about that.

Kairi asks the inspector to get Aryan released as she knows him, she works in his house. Inspector says no criminal confesses his/her crime. She says this is not funny. Jyoti tells Harry to get Aryan of the lock up immediately.

Harry says he doesn’t care Aryan is dying in jail or not. He won’t obey Jyoti all the time, he is not her puppet. Jyoti says if he disobeys her and she will slit her wrist and will put the blame on her husband saying he pushed her to death. She will send the letter to Harry’s parents as well. Harry gets pissed.

Kairi shows an evidence to the police that Aryan was on a meeting when Madhav was stuck in fire. She plays the video of Aryan is attending meeting. She also proves that any random person can call and file false complaint against anyone. It doesnt mean Aryan is guilty. Inspector gets convinced and gives bail to Aryan.

Aryan can’t believe how Kairi handled the situation. He thanks her saying she didn’t have to favour him. She flirts with him saying he is her choice and if Imlie was not there, she would have married him. Aryan tells her to stay away from him. He says she should find someone else for herself and calls her weird woman.

Kairi sees the pendrive and thinks she will show the proof to the police now and it’s time to tell the truth to Aryan that she is Imlie. She takes off her wig and is about to move but Jyoti bumps into her and the pendrive falls down. It breaks and Imlie picks it up. Jyoti tells the inspector that Aryan is innocent.

Harry also says Madhav’s house caught fire due to short circuit. Aryan didnt do anything. Imlie hears that thinks again these two have convinced Aryan with their acting. Kairi leaves upset and Aryan calls her to thank her. She is about to see Aryan without her wig but Jyoti appears and asks what Kairi is doing here.

Aryan says Kairi does part time job here. Kairi also does drama and asks Harry how did they know Aryan got arrested. Harry says they got a call from the police station. Jyoti provokes Aryan against Imlie saying she wouldn’t have come to save her husband but she would have saved Madhav first as he doesn’t have anyone’s support. Jyoti calls herself Aryan’s true friend.

After reaching home Kairi teases Aryan saying he understands her a lot. He tells her to focus on work. He then feels hesitant to meet Imlie as he was not home last night. What he will tell her to hide the truth. Sundar sleeps in place of Imlie as Kairi didn’t turn into Imlie yet.

Kairi thinks whom will Aryan meet now in his room. Aryan talks romantically to lying Sundar thinking she is Imlie. Sundar feels awkward. Imlie finds them together and gets surprised.

Precap- Kairi takes off her wig and Harry sees her. He says it means Kairi is Imlie and Imlie is Kairi. He decides to attack her and Imlie gets shocked.

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