Imlie 25th May 2022 Written Update: Imlie performs her babyshower ritual

Imlie 25th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie is about to touch the metal of the door. But Aryan stops her. He says he doesn’t want to take risk with his child. He is scared. Imlie says she is trying to open the door nothing else, he says he feels something wrong will happen. He tries to open the door but Jyoti thinks due to Imlie’s negativity she can’t see Aryan getting injured.

She stops him saying she saw that today metal will bring bad omen for him so he should not touch that. Aryan says he doesn’t believe in superstitious things. Jyoti insists so he agrees. He lift up Imlie and then opens the door by pushing it with his feet. Jyoti gets jealous.

Arpita prepares Jhula for Imlie’s babyshower and Gudiya thinks she can’t see all these preparations for Imlie and baby. Narmada also makes the arrangements and calls the priest. Narmada asks her how can she just forget what Imlie did to her previously. Jyoti acts like talking against Nila. She says they should not think negative as Imlie brought happiness.

Narmada says she was angry because she felt Imlie is not taking care of Aryan but she is pregnant and she made Aryan happy, what more she could ask for so she forgot Imlie’s previous act. Nila scolds Jyoti for supporting Narmada but Jyoti says they should waste time behind meaningless argument but their focus should be on big things. Universe will do good for her soon.

Imlie comes after getting ready and Arpita compliments her. Banni enters and everyone asks who invited her. Imlie says she only called her, as she heard a lot about Banni’s tasty food. Banni says she will prove that and on this special day she wants to feed everyone her cooked dishes. She feeds all members but Nila says she doesn’t want to taste such roadside food. She taunts Imlie saying the latter came from footpath and her choice is also like her. Imlie gets angry but Banni asks her not to take stress else it will be bad for the child. She then feeds them laddoo. Imlie becomes Banni’s friend and Aryan gets delighted.

Imlie feeds Aryan and they share a moment. She cleans his lips and Jyoti gets irked. Banni leaves and Imlie sits on the jhula for the ritual. Everyone gifts her different things. Arpita gives her baby clothes saying she needs boy and girl both. Nila says only money is the perfect gift for a girl like Imlie.

Imlie replies blessings is the perfect present for me. She touches Nila’s feet. Later Imlie performs the Puja with Aryan and priest tell him to make her sit on the jhula again. He moves the jhula. Jyoti recalls how she loosened the rope of the jhula and Imlie suddenly falls from there and gets hurt badly. Everyone gets shocked.

Precap- Doctor says Imlie cant become a mother again.

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