Imlie 26th January 2023 Written Update: Imlie plans a date for Arto and Chini

Imlie 26th January 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling the cops to punish the culprits. The cop says they need to come to police station for some further queries. Arto takes Imlie back home. Rana’s and Rathods get happy to see the news of lmlie’s brave act the way she caught the criminals. Arto also helped her a lot. Rudra says it’s because of Imlie’s positive impact Arto changed. Chini gets irked thinking Imlie became heroine even after ruining her date. Akash tells Kia that Imlie is getting lot of praises nowadays. Kia says they have show faith in Chini as they have no other option. Chini hates Imlie to the core. Arto brings Imlie home and scolds her for catching the fake currency makers single-handedly. He says he will always come to save her though. Imlie smiles at him.

Rudra teases Rathods that they didn’t teach Imlie how to take rest. She always makes faces. Arto says Imlie is like that only. Chini feels jealous seeing them. In room Imlie searches for her ointment and Arto gives her that. She struggles to apply it on her back and Arto says he may help her. She says she will manage, he laughs saying if she was in his place she would have helped him too. He moves aside her hair and applies ointment on her back. Imlie hesitates and Arto requests her to let him help her. Chini notices that saying she won’t let Imlie enjoy soft moments with Arto. She is about to enter their room and Arpita Rupy scold her saying she has no place in Arto’s life now. She should stay away from Imlie and Arto.

Chini argues with Imlie for ruining her date, she says Imlie promised to unite them but Arto fully ignored her and left thinking about Imlie only. If it was Imlie’s plan to get close to Arto, Imlie says she went on a mission and landed in trouble. Chini feels that was all a plan? Chini says if Imlie tries to snatch Arto from her then she wont spare the latter. Imlie says Chini came as a third person not she. Next day Imlie gets ready and recalls Chini’s words. She books two tables for Arto and Chini.

Devika overhears about the table booking and informs everyone in the family that Arto and lmlie are going to spend quality time. Shivani says they could have spent time at home, Rudra says but everyone taunts her in the house so it’s better she goes out with Arto. Rathods and Rana’s get excited for Imlie and Arto’s date. Imlie says she hopes Chini and Arto start afresh, later everyone teases her saying what is she going to wear. Arpita says she will help Imlie select the dress. Devika says whatever Imlie will wear Arto will love her.

Imlie gets surprised on finding that they have a misunderstanding and she can’t even reveal the truth to them. She tells Arto about their date and she says they both will pretend to go on a date but in real he will go on a date with Chini. Arto gets shocked saying why does she desperately wants to unite him and Chini. Imlie says but Chini wants to meet him again and because of her he left Chini alone yesterday. Arto says that was not a date yesterday, he left Chini because he wanted too. Imlie says what does he want? If he won’t meet Chini? He says he is confused what he wants, can Imlie help him? Imlie says that’s upto him. He and Chini decide it together instead of asking her. Imlie leaves and Arto looks upset.

Episode ends

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