Imlie 26th July 2021 Written Update : Imlie wins the best bahu competition

Imlie 26th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie telling Anu that she doesn’t want to compete anymore so she wants to quit. Imlie adds she can’t see Aparna in pain. Host is about to announce the winner’s name but Anu interrupts saying this year they will announce the loser’s name first. She takes Imlie’s name and addresses her as Tripathis’ maid. Imlie comes towards her and takes two glasses of water and gives one to Prachi’s mother in law and another to Aparna. Aparna leaves the stage without drinking water. Host announces Prachi as the winner and she gets the trophy. She says she did hat-trick today by winning the award once again.

Prachi’s mother in law stops Imlie and says she is really the best Bahu as she gave her water despite getting taunts from her. She apologises to Imlie because she mistreated her previously. Judges tell that Imlie is the real example of best bahu who came from a different background and can create a strong bond with her in laws also. Later they declare Imlie as the winner of the competition. They give her trophy. Anu gets irked. Prachi’s mother in law apologises to Tripathis and tells Aparna that Imlie is perfect for Aditya. Imlie is asked to give a speech. Aditya also goes on stage. Prachi mocks Imlie’s accent and says they sympathized Imlie and gave her the trophy.

Imlie says she belongs to a village and in city she is supposed to accept such kind of treatment but she came to city as Aditya’s wife not as a maid. She wants Tripathis to accept her and this trophy is not that important for her. She only wanted blessings of elders in her family. Aparna looks at Imlie. Everyone claps for her and Tripathis leave from there. Rupy and Pallavi congratulate Imlie for winning the game. Nishant says they thought society won’t accept Imlie but she proved them wrong. Pallavi says they will always stay by Imlie’s side.

Imlie brings honey and Aditya says Pallavi is making cake for her. Imlie says this honey is for Aparna. Aditya says Imlie can sacrifice anything for her loved ones and Aparna has forgotten that. Imlie should remind Aparna of that. Before also she took risk to get fresh honey for Aparna. Aditya gets call from his boss and his boss warns him to stay safe as because of his article some people are finding him to beat him. Aditya assures him. He says to Imlie such things are common in his job but currently his main risk seems to be convincing Aparna. Some men barge into Aditya’s office to search for Aditya. They aim gun at Aditya’s boss.

Anu informs Malini that Imlie won the competition by showing fake tears. Malini says its good for Imlie, Tripathis will accept her now as their bahu. Anu calls one house help and says he is good at doing household chores and he is loyal too. Will Malini marry him. Malini replies to her what nonsense is this. Anu says you can’t marry a house help then imagine how Aditya got married to a maid. Malini says Imlie is Dev’s daughter why Anu forgets that.

Anu says Aditya is only showing sympathy to Imlie just how Malini is forgiving Imlie because of her poor status. Anu manipulates Malini saying these poor girls always use their poor status as their weapon and they trap rich men. Just how Meethi trapped Dev but the latter didn’t fall into her trap.

Anu says Imlie is playing with Malini’s emotions, she is using both Aditya and Imlie. There’s no equality between Malini and Imlie still Imlie is winning every game without playing it and Malini is losing it even after fighting for it. Anu tells Malini that Imlie is not that innocent. Aditya also changed his wife by coming under Imlie’s influence when he was not ready at the start. Malini gets lost in thoughts.

Precap– Anu calls goons to torture Aditya by kidnapping him. Imlie gets worried for Aditya. Aditya gets beaten up by goons.

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