Imlie 26th October 2022 Written Update: Rudra abducts Chini

Imlie 26th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kia telling Chini to remove the veil as she can’t take selfie. Anu stops Kia saying before marriage noone can see the bride’s face without her husband. She takes Imlie’s name to fool Kia. Anu says there’s another ritual where the bride and groom meet each other at temple to take blessings. She takes Chini from there and the latter thanks Anu in mind. Rudra greets one of his special guests outside and then he notices a person cleaning muddy footmarks. He wonders whose footmarks it can be. Imlie gets inside and looks for Chini. She bumps into Kia the latter checks if she is really Imlie. She feels relaxed seeing Imlie under the veil.

Imlie hides the matter from her as she doesn’t want any interruption before marriage. Devika compliments lmlie and Kia says she will first meet Atharv at temple that’s what Anu said. Imlie smiles and there Chini hugs Atharv saying she is really excited to marry him. But he thinks something is bothering him so he can’t be fully happy. He and Chini pray to God. Imlie stands beside him by covering her face with veil. She prays for her happy married life with Atharv, he thinks he is going to shatter Imlie and will breaks her hopes so he is not feeling good though he is getting his love.

Chini thinks finally she is securing her future and her dream of getting rich will be fulfilled as after Imliya and Aryan her only dream is that. She leaves and Atharv looks at Imlie. He thinks that’s Chini. They take blessings of God together and thinks he won’t let anyone question Chini but he will give her all the love. Anu thinks why Chini is praying like Imlie. She gets shocked on noticing Imlie’s reflection. She thinks where is Chini? Kia tells Imlie and Atharv to go to mandap. Chini gets kidnapped and she threatens the kidnappers. Rudra comes and tells her not to get scared. He then says how dare she tried taking Imlie’s place in mandap. She can’t be even close to Imlie’s goodness. Chini replies she only took her own position which Atharv gave her and he loves her not Imlie.

Rudra is trying to separate two lovers which will never happen as Imlie can’t be Atharv’s love. Rudra says she is right, she can get Atharv. She gets happy and tries to leave but Rudra says Chini can surely get her Arto but not Atharv Rana. She won’t get his property or status. As after marrying Chini he won’t be Rudra’s heir. Chini gets shocked hearing that. Rathores miss Imlie before the wedding. Arpita sheds tears for her brother. She tells Narmada to forget all her pain and grudge as Imlie is leaving them forever. Narmada says if she refuses to feel the pain then she will become numb. She says she is not upset with Imlie anymore.

Rupy says everyone loves Imlie and thus she got a great husband too. Rudra taunts Chini saying the latter has no greed for money thus she can happily stay with Atharv. Atharv believes in love and he will surely earn money with his hardwork so she can trust him. But she can’t get his surname. Rudra gives her a coin as shagun.

He offers her lots of money and tells her to choose that in return of leaving Atharv. Chini says her love is not on sale so she can’t take the money. Atharv tells Imlie that he believes in love and he is still not sure and he is nervous..lmlie thinks why he is saying so. Two men fire a gun and say it’s shagun from their side. Atharv holds the man’s hand while everyone is terrified.

Precap- Arpita tells Atharv to remove Imlie’s veil and look at her in the mirror. He thinks everyone will learn that’s Chini not Imlie.

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