Imlie 27th October 2022 Written Update: Imlie gets shot

Imlie 27th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Atharv telling those armed men to not create any scene on the wedding. They already invited guests by giving cards then who are they? Those armed men misbehave with Atharv and the latter threatens to beat them. He learns they are guards for a VIP guest. Atharv requests the guest to tell those men to leave.

Rudra asks Chini to take the money and leave Atharv. He knows she doesn’t love Atharv, she is after his money which she will not get after getting married to him. Chini acts like she won’t accept the offer as she is in love. Rudra says he can recognise a business dealer as he himself is a businessman. He asks her to reconsider her decision and she cant go to trips or can’t get rich after marrying Arto. Rudra says he has experience so he is advising her to leave him. He keeps on convincing her to take the money.

Chini finally gets convinced and takes the money. She is about to leave and Rudra asks for the bangles she is wearing. He says she doesn’t deserve to keep them as they are for Imlie’s hands. He also asks Chini to give her bridal attire. He shouts at her for taking advantage of Imlie just how she took advantage of Atharv. Chini gets scared and he apologises to her for talking rudely but then adds he won’t tolerate her drama anymore. Chini reaches the venue with the cash and Imlie stops her. Imlie asks her where was she? Chini lies she got some expensive gifts so she is going to keep them in room.

Imlie asks her what is more valuable than her sister for now? Imlie takes the bag from Chini but Anu tells Imlie to go to the mandap. Everyone is waiting. Atharv gets happy and says he has many things to say to Chini. Rudra gives the bangles back to Imlie. She wonders she was already wearing them. Rudra asks her to wear them, he blesses her. Atharv thinks what if Chini gets caught by Rudra.

Anu scolds Chini for her stupidity. Chini says Rudra said he will disown Atharv from his property. Anu says Rudra can never do so as he bribed her for saving his son from her. Chini says Imlie is born to be the champion but she is a loser. Everyone considers her bad and she got insulted by Rudra a lot. Chini says now she will become the worst. She will take advantage of the chances. She won’t let Atharv get married to Imlie. Anu gets happy to hear that.

Anu provokes the bodyguards of the MP that Atharv insulted them in front of all and people will make fun of them. Their ego gets hurt and they decide to scare Atharv. Rathores ask him to remove Imlie’s veil and look at her into the mirror. Atharv thinks if he does that Chini will get caught. They force him and before he could remove the veil those armed men start firing at the venue.

Atharv saves himself from the bullet and warns those guards to leave else he will kick them out. Atharv gets into a fight with them when they ignore his warning. Atharv’s family and everyone get shocked. Guards hold Atharv tightly and Imlie throws a burning wood at a guard who is pointing gun at Atharv. She keeps on throwing the woods from the hawan kund. The guard shoots her hand. Atharv shouts Chini and her veil gets removed. Atharv is shocked to see her. Later the guards get caught by the police and Imlie’s wound gets treated. She asks Atharv why he took Chini’s name

Precap- Anu and Chini instigate Atharv saying Imlie hired those goons for her and she threatened Chini to not marry him else she will throw her out.

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