Imlie 28th June 2022 Written Update: Harry becomes paralyzed

Imlie 28th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Harry trying to attack Imlie and she moves aside. Harry loses his balance and falls down from the window. Imlie gets shocked seeing him. Aryan hears the scream and goes to open the door. Rathods get shocked on finding Harry in bad condition. Jyoti gets irked and thinks Harry also failed to do what she said.

Aryan wonders it seems like Harry has falled from his room window only but why he went there. Nila asks Jyoti to show some emotions as it’s her husband who is in a bad condition. Jyoti starts her acting and says she was speechless for sometime. Doctor comes and checks Harry. Jyoti whispers near his ears that now he will put the blame on Imlie that she pushed him from the window.

Doctor reveals Harry has got some internal injury so his body is temporarily paralyzed. He can’t even speak. Harry tries to point his finger at Imlie but then he faints. Aryan takes Imlie aside and asks if Harry has gone to their room. Imlie says he not just went but he tried to kill her with a big knife.

Aryan loses his calm and says how dare Harry try to kill his wife, he won’t spare him now. Imlie says Jyoti is the mastermind and queen in the game. Harry is just her pawn. She says she will first expose her truth. Imlie asks Aryan to go somewhere with her being her partner. Aryan gets ready and shakes hand with her.

Madhav packs his luggage to leave for Pagdandiya. Imlie and Aryan reach there and Madhav’s mother gets scared. Imlie says they don’t need to be scared. She tells Aryan that he can clearly see how Madhav is planning to leave as he was attacked three times. Aryan also saw how his house caught fire. Imlie suggests Aryan to ask Madhav any kind of questions. Aryan says he is not here to harm them, he asks him if Jyoti is responsible for all the attacks ?

Madhav surprisingly lies that she is not responsible. Aryan gets angry and holds Imlie’s hands tightly. He says now everything is clear and he only knows how he is controlling his anger when he is aware of Madhav’s heinous act. Now Imlie can’t give more excuses. Aryan tells Madhav that the latter is now his enemy and he knows his village address as well. He will never forget that and will take revenge. Imlie stops Aryan saying she wants to talk to Madhav for sometime.

Aryan says she has only three minutes. He leaves and Imlie questions Madhav why he lied to Aryan. Madhav tells her Jyoti is mad and she threatened to kill his mother and told him not to reveal the truth to Aryan. So he wants to protect his mother now. Imlie says sorry to him for everything. Jyoti scolds Harry and Kairi both. She calls them as stupid who couldn’t complete their work. Kairi says she has an important information. But she needs a bangle before that then only she will tell.

Jyoti gives her one and Kairi says she knows the way how Imlie will be dead soon. Jyoti asks her what is that? Kairi says she will get to know on right time. Harry tries to point at Kairi to reveal her reality but Kairi keeps his hand down. Jyoti becomes hopeful.

Kairi goes to her room and sees Aryan is stressed. She thinks how to just end this matter quickly. She tries to clean his laptop to grab his attention. He stops her and she says he never speaks to her properly. He didn’t have his black coffee as well. He asks her how she knows that. She says Imlie said to her.

Kairi says she will give coffee to him and will do he will ask her to do. He vents out his anger on her saying can she solve the issues between him and Imlie. If she can’t then she should just shut her mouth. Kairi gives him an advise that Imlie wont go away from him and the issues will be solved soon. He says sorry to her for shouting at her. She says she needs tips from him too for making food and she leaves.

Precap- Aryan gets close to Kairi saying he wants to know her and she should not maintain a distance from him. He holds her hand and pulls her near him. She gets shocked. He hugs her and Nila witnesses all of that in shock.

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