Imlie 28th November 2020 Written Update: Aditya and Imlie get married forcefully

Imlie 28th November 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Imlie coming for marriage and she sees her mother Meethi. She goes to meet her mother and both of them breaks down crying. Meethi performs a ritual for her daughter and both cries for the obvious outcome. She makes Imlie eat something sweet and Imlie hugs her mother but her grandmother comes drags her from the arms of her mother and takes her to the marriage dias. Aditya sits for the marriage while Meethi is completely broken. Malini comes to the house of Aditya and she gets to know that he doesn’t get on the train.

Malini manages the situation at house and informs that Aditya told me about his phone not working properly. Imlie grandmother gives them Garland and asks to complete the ritual. After a while lot of trials and hesitations Imlie and Aditya finally make each other wear the garland. Imlie’s grandmother is feeling happy. Malini is feeling worried for Aditya and she shares her sadness with the mother of Aditya.

Meethi shares about Aditya being in love with someone else and he is already engaged. While Imlie takes round with Aditya and then he is asked to fill the hairline of Imlie with the vermillion he is supposed to take away from there for his fiance Malini. He is crying thinking about her and he looks at Imlie once and Imlie too looked at him. Aditya gets up and says it is done what you people want to do. Villagers said you will not get any transportation at this moment. He says you people don’t have to worry about it, I’ll manage. Imlie stands up and cries knowing well what Aditya meant exactly.

Meethi is packing stuff of Imlie and Aditya calls her and says I am getting late and he is being rude to Meethi and Imlie both. He walks off from there and Meethi says Imlie didn’t eat anything since yesterday, please wait till I feed her something. Aditya says I can not and if you want you can keep your daughter with you, I will not bother.

Meethi runs to pack some food for Imlie but she doesn’t understand how to pack the foods. Her mother comes and packed some dry breads in a paper and handed over to Imlie and pushes her to go away from there. Imlie notices that the paper is nothing but the certificate of her scholarship program. She recalls all her dreams and desires and promises to her mother and herself. She feels broken to see that from which she tried to escape always, come back to trap her for life.

Precap – Aditya and Imlie are talking and Imlie tries to say that she is his friend but before she can complete he said, you are nobody to me and if you stand in this bridal dress then we have to more embarrassment and nothing else.

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