Imlie 28th October 2022 Written Update: Chini and Anu create a misunderstanding between Imlie and Atharv

Imlie 28th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie asking Atharv why the latter took Chini’s name. Chini comes and acts like she can’t walk properly. She hugs Imlie and shows concern. She lies that she was running towards Imlie after the latter got shot and then her feet got twisted and Arto took her name. Rudra looks on. Atharv is shocked to see Chini is not in bridal attire. He takes Chini aside and questions her why she didn’t come to mandap and he was about to marry Imlie, Imlie was ready to give her life to save him. He can’t hide the truth from her anymore. Chini says then they should tell everything to Imlie right now so that she can insult Chini in front of everyone and snatch her mother’s share and her rights too. He asks her why she is saying like that.


Chini cooks up a story that Imlie doesn’t want to cancel the wedding because of Arto’s wealth despite knowing he loves Chini. She also threatened to tarnish Malini’s image by publishing wrong news about her if Chini marries Atharv. Chini she can’t accept her mother’s humiliation and thus she had to back off. She can’t lose her mother’s share. Atharv consoles Chini and says but sometimes before Imlie tried to save him and he can’t believe she can do all these. Anu says Imlie only hired those guards to attack herself to impress him with all the drama. Atharv refuses to believe and Anu shows him how Imlie is talking to the guards.

Imlie makes the guards understand how they did wrong by creating scene at someone’s wedding in drunken state and she also tells MP to not support his guards. MP requests her to not file a big case against him else it will affect his political career. Imlie then apologises to the guards for injuring them and she gives them money for their treatment. Atharv gets shocked to see that and thinks she is bribing them.

Chini says she won’t force him to trust her. He says he loves Chini and also trusts her now she should believe in him and everything will happen as per his wish now. She asks him but how he would do it as Imlie doesn’t want them to get united. Anu smirks thinking her plan worked. She recalls how she told the guards to plead before Imlie.

Imlie looks for Atharv and Arpita says she should go to mandap, Imlie says she felt Atharv is not fine. Arpita replies after the firing it’s obvious he is tensed. Imlie sees Atharv is coming. She asks him if he is fine, he says he is different and she replies he is talking like Chini. He says maybe he is like her sister. Imlie asks him if he really wants to marry her? He says yes. She gets delighted and he leaves ignoring her.

In mandap Imlie and Atharv are ready to exchange the garlands. Chini holds Atharv’s hand and makes him do that. He thinks to give the right to Chini he is marrying Imlie and Chini won’t lose anything because of Imlie. Chini thinks Imlie will get second hand thing and will realise her pain which she felt for long. Arto will give her everything which she dreamt of and she has no interest in love. She ties the wedding knot of Atharv and Imlie and smirks. Imlie thinks she will get Atharv’s love after marriage.

Precap- Atharv marries Imlie in front of Chini and Chini tells Anu that her unnamed relationship with Arto will give her everything she desires.

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