Imlie 29th July 2021 Written Update : Imlie vows to find out about Aditya’s whereabouts

Imlie 29th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Imlie saying she can go to any extent to save her husband. Malini says Aditya is not just your husband, he is someone’s son, someone’s brother too. Imlie says she knows everything and that’s why she wants to try her best to save Aditya but noone here is supporting her and they left her alone. So she will fight alone. Rupy tells Imlie to stop But Malini says let her go, she has to face the world too some day. Malini says we’ll see who wins.

Later, Imlie drinks water in the kitchen and recalls how Principal and Inspector refuse to help her. She feels helpless. Aparna taunts Imlie saying she failed to bring back Aditya. Malini is much better than her as she wants to save the person who left her when Imlie is just asking for her rights and doing nothing. Imlie prays to Sita Maiya that Malini’s plan should work atleast. Aditya should come back safely.

Goons try to feed Aditya but he throws up. Terrorists say that once Anand gets released they will kill Aditya. But till then Aditya has to be alive. Aditya replies his life is not that precious. They won’t release a terrorist for him. Rupy tells Imlie to not lose hope. Malini’s father has contacts and they know ministers but Imlie’s courage and love for Aditya are her weapon. Guard doesn’t allow Imlie to meet Minister. He says Imlie doesn’t have appointment and what kind of work she has.

Malini and Dev are about to leave for the meet up with minister but Anu stops Malini saying only Dev should go there not Malini. Dev says Anu is right as Malini has no valid reason to go there. Malini says Anu only involved her in this matter and she won’t back off. Anu says how will Malini introduce herself, she should meet the minister with divorce papers then. Malini says she is still Aditya’s legal wife and she can call herself his wife to the minister in order to save Aditya. Malini wears mangalsutra and sindoor.

Imlie and Rupy sit-in and start their protest to meet the minister. Guard makes fun of Imlie and the latter shuts him up saying we have right to protest. Tripathis reach there and tell Rupy have you lost it? This is not a matter of joke. They can’t protest alone like that. Rupy refuses to leave Imlie alone. Tripathis join them forcefully and Nishant says soon there will be more protestors who will raise their voice. College students come with placards to Imlie and ask for justice. They say they heard about Imlie’s problem so they are supporting her. Imlie says their efforts won’t go to waste. They will raise their voice for the right thing.

Guard insults students and tells Imlie she should not be stubborn. Imlie says they just want to meet home minister for once, guard replies minister is busy. Imlie says they won’t go anywhere. One of the terrorists record video of the incident and Jugnu shows it to Aditya. Jugnu says now things are getting easier for them, Anand will get released soon because of the protest. Jugnu instructs his informer to start a fight there. Guard gets ready to allow Imlie to meet the minister. He is about to leave but the informer throws stone at the guard. He starts beating others with his men and things go out of control. Imlie gets injured and Aditya gets worried for her.

Precap – Minister says Aditya wants to talk to his wife. Imlie says she is Aditya’s wife but Malini interrupts saying she is Aditya’s wife not Imlie. Imlie gets shocked hearing that.

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