Imlie 29th March 2024 Written Update: Surya bring Imlie back

Imlie 29th March 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Surya ask Imlie about her location. Imlie tells Surya that she will not stay with her anymore. The bus operator tells that the bus is ready to leave Belakhera. Surya hears the voice of the bus operator.

Indira tells Nirmala that for just one thing Imlie leaves the house. Nirmala tells Indira that Imlie don’t love Surya. Malti tells Indira that Imlie is just staying with Surya to have lavish lifestyle. Hemalata tells Indira that don’t any decisions in a hurry and tells everyone to wait for Surya and Imlie.
Surya tells Imlie to come with him but Imlie tells Surya that she will not come. Surya throw away Imlie luggage on the road. Suddenly a man sees Imlie picking up stuff from her briefcase and starts asking for any help needed. The man starts irritating Imlie and tries to touch her but Surya drags him . The man request Imlie to leave him. Imlie tells Surya to leave the man. Imlie thanks Surya for the help. Surya takes Imlie luggage with him and he tells Imlie that he will also go with her. Imlie tells Surya to go his way and she will manage with Amma ji.

Surya tells Imlie that he will also go with her. Imlie tells Surya that she has find a room for herself but Surya tells Imlie that he raids this hotels couple months ago. Surya tells Imlie that her plan is stupid. Surya suggest Imlie to follow her earlier plan to stay away from him for 1 year. Surya takes the luggage and ask her to come with him.
Indira tells Deverji to call Surya. Surya arrives in the Mansion with Imlie. Surya tells Imlie that he will talk inside and ask her stut the mouth. Imlie tells Surya that if anyone ask her wrong then she will answer.

Nirmala blames Imlie for insulting the her and the family. Nirmala tells Imlie that everyone will taught that she has been torture in the Sasural. Malti tells Nirmala to stop scaring Imlie. Nirmala tells Indira that Imlie has done a drama and tries to ruin the reputation. Hemalata apologies Imlie for suggesting anything wrong. Imlie tells Hemlata that she don’t need to be sorry and whatever she will suggest will be for her betterment. Indira tells Hemlata that she will not ask for any explanation from Imlie. Hemlate tells Indira that she wants to know what happens to her. Hemalata’s husband yells at Hemlate for going against Indira.

Imlie tells Hemalata’s husband that it’s her fault and she must ask her before leaving the house. Imlie tells Hemalata’s husband to scold her instead of Hemlate. Indira tells at Imlie for interupting Hemalata and her husband. Indira tells Surya that Imlie is responsible to raise her voice. Surya tells Indira that Imlie realise her mistake and she feels guilty for what she done. Surya tells Imlie not to interupt between him and Indira. Surya tells Indira that he is not ready for the first night. Surya tells Indira that he speaks to Imlie and she is ready.

Surya tells everyone to take rest. Indira tells Surya that he will not sleep in the sofa and ask him to stay in one room. Indira insists Surya to stay with Imlie in single room. Indira tells Imlie that she will decide whatever she wants ask her not to interupt. Imlie and Surya comes back to room. Surya tells Imlie that why did she talk. Imlie tells Surya that she answered for Hemalata’s betterment because everyone tries to disrespect her. Surya tells Imlie that she don’t know the history of this family. Imlie tells Surya that why Indira irritates everyone. Surya suggest not to interupt but Imlie tells him that she will not follow any rules and regulations.

Precap-Surya challenges to play Holi with him but Surya’s girlfriend Anjali arrives there.

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