Imlie 2nd August 2021 Written Update : Imlie and Aditya share a emotional moment

Imlie 2nd August 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Pallavi entering Imlie’s room and finds out she left. She calls everyone and Rupy says now Aditya will be back safely as Imlie went to save him. Aparna underestimates her. Doorbell rings and Malini enters Tripathi house.

Satyakam meets Imlie and assures her that they will find Aditya without wasting time. Imlie says officers don’t want to release Anand and will put the blame on terrorists for killing Aditya. Satyakam says now they will reach Terrorists hideout place where Aditya is held captive. They arrive at that place and Imlie searches for clues to know where is Aditya. Jugnu and his men aim gun at the Police. Police announces that first they will send Aditya and then they will get Anand back.

Inspector instructs constable to start firing on right time. Satyakam stops Imlie from doing anything. He says they should not take any desperate step as Aditya’s life will be in danger. Aditya comes out and Imlie stares at him. (Man beech halla song plays in background) Aditya slowly comes towards the policemen and a person with covered face goes towards terrorists. Imlie gets teary. Terrorists understand Police’ s trick and start firing. Policemen also start firing.
Aditya gets shocked and sits on ground.

Imlie runs towards him and back hugs him. Aditya gets happy seeing her. They share an emotional moment. (piya tose milne plays in background) Satyakam also fires seeing Aditya and Imlie in danger. Aditya and Imlie fall down. Aditya hugs Imlie and they try to escape from there. Aditya and Imlie get injured due to a bomb blast. They struggle to reach each other. They are about to hold each other’s hands. But Jugnu catches Aditya and holds him at gun point.

Aditya tells policemen to not release Anand. He tells them to leave. Jugnu threatens to kill Aditya. Imlie gets up and tells Jugnu to leave him. Jugnu says he will kill her husband. Imlie notices one gun on floor and runs to pick it up. Terrorists keep firing and Imlie aims gun at them. Aditya requests Imlie to leave.

Rupy tells Malini thanks for your more support but Imlie will bring Aditya back. Malini says after that small protest Imlie is feeling good maybe. Nishant says Imlie is with Aditya right now. Malini gets shocked and asks Tripathis why they encourage Imlie in this kind of stupid act. When she went there without protection. Police knows their job. Aparna says Imlie just wants to seek attention. Rupy and Pallavi say they trust Imlie. Malini says this is not a joke. Rupy says you don’t need to worry, Imlie will protect Aditya like a shield.

Precap – Aditya tells Imlie to shoot. Jugnu threatens Imlie saying he will shoot her. Imlie and Jugnu shoot each other at the same time. Aditya shouts Imlie.

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