Imlie 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Imlie brings a parrot home

Imlie 2nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Jyoti telling Aryan to join the celebration with his family, Aryan says Imlie and his family members are looking happy now so he doesn’t want to interrupt them. Else Imlie will understand he is sad. Jyoti tries to put the seed of doubt in him saying how can Imlie be pregnant if he can’t be a father. How can Imlie be close to someone except him. She hints at Madhav. Aryan replies he can never doubt Imlie as she is the biggest truth of his life and noone has the right to judge her. He won’t let anyone do it.

Jyoti apologises to Aryan saying Imlie is really sweet but she believes nothing happens without reason, she doesn’t get good vibes from Madhav. Aryan goes towards Madhav and Jyoti smirks saying now Aryan will not spare Madhav. He tells Madhav that he is also a part of the family.

Aryan then eats laddoo brought by Madhav which surprises everyone. Jyoti thinks why Aryan is not listening to her, Imlie teases him and then Jyoti asks him what is he doing? He says he has no reason to suspect Madhav for now. He believes in facts not in affirmation. Jyoti gets jealous seeing Imlie feeding laddoo to Aryan. Nila taunts Imlie saying she never listens to others. Arpita tells Nila to take responsibility of the child all alone.

Imlie panics in front of Aryan saying she is still not mature enough to handle a kid, she talks a lot and uses slangs like Akarbagga, fire etc. Her child will learn bad things from her. Her child should be like Aryan, she has to change her approach. Gudiya applies face pack on her face saying her influencers will get impressed by her now.

Nila says Gudiya is stupid and Aryan already belongs to Imlie now. Nila thinks of making a plan. Nila manipulates Narmada at dining table that Imlie again went to office, she should not go out during pregnancy but she is careless. Imlie brings a parrot as pet and it sits on Nila’s shoulder.

Nila gets scared and Imlie explains how she saved the parrot from some other birds and brought it home. She talks to the parrot and it utters ma and papa etc. Nila asks Imlie to throw the parrot out as its a place for humans not for animals. Aryan says this house belongs to Imlie as well. She can do what she wants. Jyoti goes to office to find some proof against Madhav.

Jyoti gets inside to see files. She says if not Imlie then she will use Madhav for her motive. But Aryan has to love her. She overhears about Sting operation from other employees and she asks Madhav to help her. She learns the whole Sting operation process from him and Madhav says Imlie fell asleep after finishing the operation as she was tired. Jyoti thinks now she has a great information.

Precap- Jyoti provokes Aryan against Madhav

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